Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Claire's 10 Month Update

Hmmm, I realized this morning when I was reading other blogs that I have completely skipped Claire's 10 month update.  Probably cause it was on a Sunday.  Anyway, Only over a week overdue but here it is anyway.

At 10 months Claire can:

...Pull herself to standing and stand independently

...Wave bye bye pat-a-cake

...say "up", "momma" and "dadda"

...Crawl all the way to the top of the stairs

...had a little setback with sleeping but is still a pretty good sleeper

...Still follows her big sister around like a puppy.

...can walk along furniture or behind a push toy.

...Can eat just about anything now.

...Isn't real thrilled with taking a bottle anymore

...Crawls now with her belly off the ground and does this crazy side walk with her tongue out and panting like a dog.

...Dances whenever she hears music.  And that girl has moves...Unless you have the video camera.  Then she stares at you like you have 2 heads.

This was the day before she turned 10 months. With her big sister Lily.

On a side note, I feel so incredibly bad that I have not taken good monthly photos of the baby like I did with Lily.  It pains me so much because I swore I wouldn't do that.  I haven't had pictures printed in a long time so now I'm not sure when the photos were taken.  I only hope that one day soon I will have the time to sit down and upload photos and get them printed soon.