Monday, September 28, 2009

My 16 month old....

...runs most of the time instead of walking.

...says a lot of words including some we have yet to learn the meaning of (mooey? Booey?) But most importantly she finally says Mommy.

...feeds herself really well with a spoon/fork

...eats pretty much anything you put in front of her, excluding tomatoes and corn.

...has finally learned the kitchen is not hers to play in thanks to the baby gate.

...loves the "puppy" with all her little heart and wants to give him treats every 5 minutes.

...would rather play outside than anything else.

...enjoys emptying and refilling her shoe bin over and over again.

...would wear her snow boots around the house and everywhere she goes.

...loves dancing and "shaking her groove thang".

...thinks she is the funniest person that ever lived and I tend to agree. still our constant source of entertainment.

...has started sleeping less at night. i.e. waking up earlier but this doesn't seem to affect her really.

...has a pretty nasty bruise on her forehead from an incident with the dog and the sidewalk. Which incidentally ruined any pictures I wanted to take of her this month. Still trying to decide if I should post pictures of said bruise for the world to see or not. loving giving us hugs and kisses without being prompted.

...learns something new every single day and I certainly can't keep up with it so I'm sure I've missed some things in this post.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lily's 15 month appointment (even though she's almost 16 months)

She had her appointment on Friday. As usual her appointment was at 2 and we didn't get in and actually see a doctor until like 2:30 or so. BUT. The girl is healthy. 22 pounds 12 ounces (which puts her in exactly 50th percentile) 31.5 inches tall. (coincidentally also 50th percentile) And of course her head still hovers are right about 75th percentile.

She got four shots and had a hard recovery from that and the Dr. suggested she get her hemoglobin tested again since she was on the very low end of healthy range last time so just to make sure she's not heading in the wrong direction with her heart condition and all. So that entailed another finger prick (she had a rough day) But otherwise, she could do all the things the dr. asked about and seems to be a smidge ahead on a few things too.

She goes back in December and then she won't have any more shots (other than flu shots) until she is 4! So wonderful.

It's also set that she will see the pediatric cardiologist when she turns two also...though I'm sure he won't have anything new to say about her since her primary always says her heart sounds the same.

Finally, A photo session.

So I finally had a photography Session. This one is with Danielle and Maddie. I've done their photos before (Maddie's 18 month pics) Here is a little sampling of Maddie's 2 year pics! Thanks again guys! As always these are my most favorite ones.

Mother Daughter Pictures are the best!

The background for this couldn't have been more perfect...they are gazing at the river.

Maddie and her ducky!

2 Years Old!

It's Fall time!

Nom Nom Nom
Thanks again Danielle! I hope you love them as much as I do!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More reader questions answered.

What's been one really awesome/good and one really difficult/icky thing about parenting? (excluding cuddling her and having to get up in the middle of the night)

My number one really awesome thing that I love about being a mother is that every single thing that she learns is brand new! Brand new to her and it's exciting watching her figure out how to do something or learn something new. She gets excited and repeats it (whether she should or not) So really it's like you are experiencing everything for the first time (again) too! Nothing like a baby to make you realize what's important in life.

Let's see, Difficult/icky. Hmmm. I could think of a few, but you said one so I'll give you one. When she gets hurt. That's rough. The cry, the pain you wish you could take away from them. It's hard. To know she's in pain and not really be able to do much about it other than cuddle/love her. Take for example. The other day we were going outside and we have 3 steps in our entryway on the back of the house. I had to close the door and was holding her hand. Had to let go for 2 seconds to pull the door shut and told her to wait for me. And of course she didn't and she fell down those three steps and hit her head on the door frame at the bottom. She cried, But I probably cried harder than her. She was fine in 3 minutes but I was left shaken. Feeling like I should have made her walk back to the door with me so she didn't fall. How could I let that happen to my precious baby. What kind of mother am I? But you know what? Accidents happen, but that guilt you feel as a mother is hard. VERY hard. I'm sure every parent can relate to that.

In the end you have to know that you do the best you can and hindsight is always 20/20. Everyone makes mistakes and wishes they could do things differently. And of course Lily is a very happy/healthy baby and I know she won't even remember falling down those 3 steps so really, let's never speak of it again OK?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Here's another of Candi's questions....

What one memory of growing up do you have that, if possible you'd love lily to make for herself?

Now this one is hard. I can't think of any specific memory actually. BUT I can say that a lot of my memories are focused around my brother. (what? He's older, I had to look up to him, it's like a law or something) I actually think a lot of people would say the same about their childhood. I remember making mud pies with my brother, and catching bees in jars and shaking them up (what? don't judge) and then letting them go. Playing in mud puddles and catching salamanders (still can't believe I did that. YUCK). Sledding. Wanting desperately to be included in whatever it was he was doing. Now obviously she won't be able to have the exact same memories, simply because she will be the older child. (and of course I have no idea what kind of memories my brother has, as the older child) But I do hope that she will enjoy playing/being with her brother(s)/Sister(s) as much as I did and creating fantastic memories for them and herself!

I hope that answers your question. If not, too bad, that's all I got.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Simply because I have the time....

Candi posted a lot of great ideas as to topics I should cover here since I seem to have simply run out of things to talk about. So here goes. I'll pick one of hers and run with it.

Do you still have "you" time after taking care of lily and being with Adam? If so, what do you enjoy doing during that time?

Yes, I actually get a lot of me time. A lot more than I thought I would have. In the beginning not so much as they don't go to bed as early or their naps aren't as predictable. But now she goes to bed at 7:30 on the dot and Adam usually spends about an hour down on his computer so that leaves me with about an hour every night that I have to myself! What do I do? Hmmm. That's a good question. I can think of a million things I SHOULD do. Workout, read, do my nails, take a long bath etc. and occasionally I do that too. But most of the time I take the time to clean up in peace and quiet with no one in the way, or I watch TV. (hey it's no secret I'm a TV-oholic). We are also very fortunate that we have lots of wonderful family members always willing to watch the girl for us. One weekend a month my parents take Lily for us so we can enjoy a night off and sleep in (can you say WOOT for 7AM anyone?) Or my In-Laws who take Lily for us for whole days sometimes so we can get stuff done around the house. But I suppose those don't really count as me time do they? But it's nice anyway, to spend time with Adam or just get stuff done without having to watch Adam's mini-me all the time. (I say Adam's since she doesn't look like him at all or anything.)

So there ya go. I do have to say that I am surprised at how much "quiet" (as I like to call it) time I actually get. It's wonderful. The best of all 3 worlds. Me, Mother, Wife.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wow, I actually got responses.

Good ones too!

First of all, Shannon asked about what I plan to do with the Daycare thing. For those of you that don't know, I've been seriously considering starting a daycare at home. My main motivation for that is my complete lack of work at my job, I have nothing to do and I'm fairly certain that the daycare thing would challenge me in ways I never knew I could be challenged. I love kids. I'm great with kids (most kids). Kids love me (why, I have no clue) and so it seems like a natural option for us so that we would be able to expand our family as planned without having to pay daycare for two of our own kids. However, I am really really trying to not focus on the daycare thing right now since the orientation isn't until October 13th and I really want to wait on any major decisions until I know what's all involved, cost wise, etc. SO Shannon, I promise I will write more about that, (probably more than you could ever want to know) as soon as I take the orientation and get the information I need. But let's just say there would be LOTS of pretend play, fort building, reading and activities going on in the Philippi house should a daycare actually be started!

Next. Danielle asked what my favorite age was for Lily. I gotta say I'm not sure how to answer that. Cause so far they have ALL been my favorite. When we brought her home it was my favorite, she slept and cuddled and all that. When she started smiling that was my favorite. Especially when she actually started smiling AT us! When the girl took her (major) interest in sticks and was fascinated just looking at a stick, that was my favorite. When we brought her to the pumpkin patch and took the hayride when she was like 5 months old, that was my favorite. Thanksgiving day when she turned 6 months old and FINALLY learned how to sit up by herself (unsupported) We had a celebration and showed off her new skills. That was my favorite. Christmas up with my grandma when she was 7 months old and seeing my grandma (her great-grandma) together. That was my favorite. (are you catching a theme here?) When she finally got a couple teeth in at around 8 months, that was my favorite! When I figured out how much I love taking her pictures and how I wanted to pursue that at around 9 months. That was my favorite. Her in her Easter dress! When she learned how to crawl, then pull herself up, then cruise on the furniture. Yup, you guessed it, all my favorite. Her 1st birthday party! When she learned to walk without help and heck even run, that was my favorite!

(I'm wishing now I had pics here to back all those things up, but I'm sure they are already posted on the blog somewhere)

I guess the main theme is, you can never imagine what's coming next. Just when you think you've picked a favorite age then the next age just amazes you. I love her right now, in the moment! She says a few words, runs and plays. Loves being outside and sitting in her chair reading stories. I think to myself, it really can't possibly get ANY better than this, and then it does. I don't know how she does it but she STILL amazes me everyday and makes me so happy that I am so lucky to have her.

So I can't pick a favorite. Cause I still have no clue what's in store for us!

Disclaimer: I had no clue this would turn into a mushy barfoni post. Sorry about that everyone.

Up next.....Candi's ideas...They were good ones too so don't miss it!

(thanks guys! LOVE the ideas!)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why I don't post much anymore..

Cause I simply do not have anything to say. Lately I feel like all I do is complain about how bored I am at work. I simply do not have enough work to do. Nothing overly crazy going on at home right now either.

Lily has been kinda fussy lately, found out why on Sunday afternoon. The girl is getting molars. Yup, that would make me crabby too. But needless to say it's been waking her up a bit at night, which wakes us up. (thankfully she goes back to sleep on her own, but it seems one you are awake, you are awake none-the-less) SO I am hoping those will pop in sooner rather than later.

Got cut back down to 32 hours at work, for how long I do not know. But I guess I don't mind cause each 8 hour day feels like an eternity here. It just drags.

Lily has her 15 month appointment on Friday (even though she will be 16 months next week already) So I will update with some new stats and stuff that the Dr. said after that is over.

Other than that. I got nothing. Inspire me! What would you (my like 3 readers) like me to write about. I am in need of some inspiration.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Post in Pictures. (for the lazy blogger)

Labor Day 2009
MN Zoo
Lillian with the "puppies" also known as Wolves to those of us that have a vocabulary of more than 10 words. She is petting him here.

Lily and me. A nice picture of us too if I don't say so myself. (hey, check out my dimples)

Lily and Antie Amber. She came to the zoo with us, or rather we went with her. Thanks again Amber, we had fun!

Lillian with the Tiger statue at the MN Zoo. She is "petting the kitty" here.

Let's all give the "Kitty" a hug!

Lily also got to feed the giraffes, she got a kick out of it and had a VERY slimy hand at the end. But it was worth it. Only wish we had gotten pictures...I forgot my camera (some photographer I am huh) and Amber's battery died. Oh well, there is always next year.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Not a usual post for me.

Inspired by a friends blog, it got me thinking about Lily. About what an easy time we had getting pregnant, and besides being so ridiculously sick for most of my pregnancy, how easy of a time we had with it. I always had thought to myself that if I couldn't have a baby it was meant to be that way. But now, after reading her entry I find myself wondering what we would have done in their shoes? Would we have given up? I mean, knowing what I know now about how wonderful Lily is and how amazing it is to be a mom I'm pretty certain my answer would be we'd go through the same. But had you asked me that 2 years ago when we started trying for a baby, I'm not so sure.

I found myself crying at her thread. Really feeling for them and while I can only imagine a fraction of what they went through, I am so thankful everyday for the easy time we had with Lily. And how lucky we are that things worked out the way they did for us.

Lately I've been feeling a little lost in life. I actually said to Adam last night that the only two things I feel secure and good about right now are him and Lily. There is no question in my mind that I love Adam. Despite many jokes, we are truly partners. We love each other even when we hate each other. And of course Lily. My amazingly smart (not so) baby girl. She brightens my day, everyday with her smile and her wacky sense of humor. Her love of books and learning new things.

But everywhere else, I'm just lost. I feel lost at work. I like my co-workers, the flexibility I have here and of course the pay. But I hate that I have nothing to do. I hate that the days drag on and mostly I hate that I'm so bored that all I want to do is eat, which is not helping me at all on my quest to be healthy and make better choices. I need to change. But can't afford to do so.

But today, on this Friday before a nice long weekend, I think I'll just be thankful that we have been so lucky. So fortunate to not have to struggle. So blessed to have an amazing little girl with minimal effort.

Thank you Sarah for putting that into perspective for me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So this explains a lot actually...

Monday morning Adam called me at about 7 to tell me that the girl was sick, stuffy nose, phlegmy cough, the works. I decided to stay home with her (and subsequently Adam stayed home too). She seemed fine on Sunday minus a little stuffy nose. But when I look back on last week, she was very much NOT herself, her normal, chatty fun well behaved self. And that explains it, she was probably getting sick last week and we just didn't notice. I guess that's what happens when you have a baby that NEVER gets sick.

Anyway she seems to be on the upswing of things now. And we can officially call this her first time being sick.

Think I should save some snot to put in her baby book?