Friday, July 31, 2009

I know, I know.

This is a pathetic post.

I am hoping my "writer's block" clears up soon.

In the meantime.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

7 Random Tidbits

1. I have an addiction to pens and post-its. I have from a very young age had a pretty massive pen collection, I would say it's actually lessened a bit as I have gotten older but it's still there. And post-its? Who doesn't love post-its? They are sticky and pretty and fun!

2. I absolutely HATE it when people call me Amanda. Spell my name wrong pronounce it wrong all you wish but to call me Amanda. Now that's just wrong. (disclaimer: I have no issue with the name Amanda exactly, in fact it's a fine name, BUT my name is MIRANDA)

3. I do not know at this point when we will plan for baby number 2. Right now we are living in a very small house and enjoying the baby we have. Do I think I would be ready for baby 2 as originally planned? Sure, but why bother when I love our family the way it is right now. So it may be a while. Besides, do I have to mention the MORNING SICKNESS. No thank you.

4. I totally copied this idea from another blog I read. Though I'm afraid that she's a lot more clever than I am with her random 7 things.

5. Adam and I have currently been arguing about who has to make his Dr. appointment for him. You see he has a little cyst on his cheek. I say he's a big boy and should do it and he says I should do it for him. I will NOT do it on principal. Besides we have life insurance (OK, so I'm mostly kidding about that part) But honestly I have myself and Lily's appointments to worry about let alone his.

6. I ate an entire bag of Quaker Carmel corn rice cakes this morning. DON'T JUDGE ME.

7. I have had the most serious of serious writer's block lately. (and I'm not even a writer) I can't seem to think of ANYTHING to talk about and when I do it's boring or has nothing to do with anything. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post soon! (yes that may be a teaser)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dear CoffeeMaker:

I hear you back there, right behind my back. Making all kinds of noise to attract me and make me feel bad that I have been neglecting you. But really you should be happy that so many others still drink that wonderful caffeinated beverage that you produce. But I need a break. You have taken over my life and my weekends have been headache filled on your behalf.

I hope that someday you and I can find a good balance of how much to drink without being dependant on you totally but for now, only for now, I need to try other beverages.

I will always love you,


So, almost 14 months later...

And I thought I'd share Lily's birth story. So it gets to be a little bit of too much information so if you don't want to read it then just skip on over to the next blog.

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

I was 5 days over due. Scheduled to be induced on the upcoming Tuesday. As my Dr. was actually up in Canada with her family over Memorial weekend.

Adam and I had decided to hit up a movie. (Indiana Jones) Then we went to our local craft store to pick up a few things, as we were having a baby and knew it would be while before we got to do that stuff. Then we rented some movies and headed home. We were in the middle of a really stupid movie. I can't remember the name, I'm sure Adam will remind me when he reads this. But about halfway thru I felt some contractions. Not my normal Braxton Hicks contractions either, they were REAL contractions. So I timed them thru the rest of the stupid movie and we finished that. Then I called the hospital since they were about 3 minutes apart at this point. I took a shower and headed in. It was about 7:30pm or so when we got there. I was so paranoid that they would tell me that it wasn't real and they'd send me home. Thank GOODNESS they didn't. They kept us. We got settled into our delivery room and did some walking around for a while. The contractions were getting pretty uncomfortable and eventually I asked when I could have the epidural just so I wouldn't miss my window for it. (hey what can I say, It was invented for a reason) So she told me I could get it right away, I know I wasn't even dilated to 4 yet when they gave it to me, but the rest was pretty smooth sailing. Eventually around 12:30 or so I started pushing. I felt so nauseous. SO they let me drink some water. I pushed for about an hour or so and then took another drink of water and choked. Yes, I choked and coughed and guess what happened. Miss Lily popped out. As a result I had a pretty bad tear (3rd degree) and was bleeding, a lot. But my little girl was here. I was a little surprised that she was a girl, I wasn't even aware of how much I thought she was a boy until she was there. Full head of hair and powerful set of lungs. They took her and weighed her and all that. I was bleeding a lot, I was kinda in a fog at this point as they stitched me up and did all that. They gave me a shot to stop the bleeding and as the epidural wore off I felt so sick. I ended up throwing up, It was SO awful. My stomach hurt so dang bad. And practically right away they had me get up to take a shower, which did not go over so well and I got to ride in a wheelchair to my regular room. Which to this day I STILL can not believe they expected me to walk that after just pushing out that watermelon. But my little girl was here. Lillian Grace, 8 pounds 8 ounces. 19.5 inches long and born at 1:44 am on May 26th 2008.

2 weeks later we got to make an ER trip and got to have a D&C since not all of the placenta was out. But after that it was smooth sailing, I swear.

And now she is 14 months old. But on one hand it feels like we have always had her and on the other it seems like just yesterday.

So there it is. That's how Lily came to be. Since I didn't start this blog until several months after she was born. Now it's all written down so I can rub it in later when she grows up. What? That's what parents do isn't it?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We do it every night but it's never the same...

So last night, 7:00 rolled around. I opened the baby gate and up we went. Lily and I, to get her bath ready. She stood anxiously at the side of the tub throwing her toys in as the water filled up. I gathered her things, jammies, towel, diaper and set out her clothes for the following day. By this time the water is full up and she is ready to get in. She anxiously held her arms up so I could undress her. She got in, I washed her and then let her play for 10 minutes or so. As usual I let the water drain out and only when the water is ALL gone and I have taken all the toys out of the tub is she willing to come out and dry off. I cuddle her up in the towel and brush her teeth. Then we head into her room and sit on the floor as I put lotion on and sing her some silly song about her left and right leg, then her arms and so on. We get a diapie on and her jammie bottoms. Sit up and put her shirt on and then comb her hair. Have a drink of water and then we climb into the rocking chair to read a story. Last night was "I'll always find you". She turns the pages as I read to her and she points to things excitedly and I tell her what they are. And most of the time I can ask her to find something on the page and she happily obliges me. Finally the story is over. I put the book away and turn her to face me with her Mr. Beary. She cuddles right in for some Snuggles as we sing a couple of songs. I start off with Twinkle Twinkle, then move on to the Mockingbird song. But last night was different for some reason. I didn't do anything different than usual but for some reason something was different. I caught myself thinking about how it seemed like 5 minutes ago when we did this all the night before. Then I caught myself thinking how I can't believe how big she is and how she's almost 14 months old already. Really? How did this happen? My sweet baby is growing up, and for just a moment I wished I could freeze the time. And just hold onto her forever in there very spot. Right after story time and as I sing to her. But realize that all I can do is enjoy this time with her now and NEVER wish the time away. So then I asked her if she was ready for night night, and I got my usual response of a grunt and a point in the direction of the crib. In which case I ask her if she wants to go in there and she bounces and grunts happily at me. I pick her up and give her one last hug and a big kiss and lay her down.

"Enjoy your time with them. They really grow too fast." People sure don't lie about that do they?

I love my Lily-Monster.♥

She is SUCH a girly girl.

So last night before Adam got home Lily discovered HER chap stick (she has several and I call them her lipsticks). She also discovered my lunch bag and was carrying it around like a purse. Then she tried to put her lipstick in my lunch bag. Which prompted me to get HER purse and give it to her. She had fun with it, carried it around on her shoulder and when it fell off would come back to me to help her get it back up. She is SUCH a girl.

Lily with her purse (her lipstick is in the purse)

Just Exploring her purse.

I think I'm in trouble when she gets older. *gulp*

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

I know, I know, I'm late with this, But I did promise and so here they of Lily swimming in the River. Every year for the fourth of July we go to Adam's Grandma's house as they do a BBQ and we usually swim and hang out on the river. This year lily was big enough to participate. She is a little fish, she just loves the water so much!

Lillian sporting her new life jacket.
Swimming in the shallows with Daddy.

Way out in the deep in her tube!

Lily meets her Great Grandparents.

And her great-uncle Duane.

Lily Checking out the chickens with her Great Grandma Doris.

Reading a book about tractors with her Great Grandpa Penske.

Overall the trip was great, we left early on the 3rd. Right after she woke up around 6, we ate breakfast and headed out. It was about a 2.5 hour drive (we stopped a couple of times though). We got there about 9:30 and everyone was surprised to see us so early. But it was nice, we visited while grandma got the rest of the salads made for dinner and then we headed up to check out the chickens. Lily really could have done without them (and we all know how I feel about birds) But she did enjoy the company and the fresh air and when the Rooster FINALLY would crow she got a kick out of that. Then we wandered around and checked out the big gardens they have, which lily loved and wanted to just sit and play in the dirt. Of course then we ate. Some yummy salads and chicken sandwiches. This would have normally been Lily's nap time but she was a trouper and we stayed and visited til about 3:15 or so and then we headed back home. She did sleep most of the way home (as I figured she would). It was a good day and I'm happy to say that 13 months into her life she FINALLY got to meet her wonderful great grandparents.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Where have I been you ask?

No-where really. Just have felt uninspired as of late to write anything that anyone (including me) would want to read. It's not even that we haven't had a lot going on I mean the girl is walking up a storm but really it's just been me being a slacker.

So I'll start with this:

My 13 month old can:

Walk around, including getting to standing without pulling up on something.

Make anyone within a 50 mile radius smile with her crinkle nose smile.

Sit and read books by herself.

Starting to get the hang of using a spoon.

Went swimming for the first time in the river over the 4th of July (post about that to follow tomorrow)

Will still eat pretty much anything except tomatoes. She doesn't dig em.

Is still a fantastic sleeper.

Crawl up the stairs by herself.

Still loves daycare and sometimes fusses when I want to take her home with me.

FINALLY met her great grandma and grandpa Penske. (post on this to follow as well)