Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Month Update!

Yup!  We made it a WHOLE YEAR.  I can hardly believe it.  Happy Birthday Claire Bear!

At 12 months Claire:

...has 7 teeth, three of which are still working their way into that cute little mouth of hers.

...stands independently and walks with assistance

... babbles incessantly and says a few words.

...laughs hysterically when you tickle her on her chest.

(I think there might be some face that ISN'T covered with, wait...there isn't)
...loves sweets.

...had her first ear infection at her one year checkup.

...loves to be the center of attention

...weighs in at 18lbs 8oz.  (One pound lighter than lily was at the same age)  And she sits right at about 5% for weight.

(Sisters, Lily of course opened all Claire's presents and has even claimed a few of them)

...loves her big sister more than anyone else in the world.

...actually will try to take a few steps on her own.

...has been both challenging and rewarding over the last year.  Pushed us to our limits and then brought us back in with that gorgeous smile of hers.

...has a very sensitive soul.  Fun, playful, thoughtful and thinks things through before she does anything.

...even though she wakes up early she is NOT a morning baby.  She rarely will just wake up and babble or play alone.  She wants out of her prison (also known as the crib) as soon as she's awake.

...still wakes up in the middle of the night occasionally.

...has completely given up the bottle in lieu of a soft top sippy cup.

(She went straight for the frosting)

...thinks it's the funniest thing ever when you tickle her inner thighs.

...loves anything with buttons and knobs.

...can dance like it's nobody's business and I can honestly say, my girl has moves.

(what?  Wait until it's OUT of the box?  No way)

...says "hi" "momma" "dadda" "up" and "pup"  My favorite is when she puts anything resembling a phone to her ear and says "HI" beautiful and amazing and I really couldn't imagine life without her.  My girls love each other and they play together and I can see them growing and changing together and it really is amazing that Adam and I created these two beautiful little people.  I can't wait to see what the next year brings!