Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holy Fast 6 Months Batman!

So today I come bearing NO pictures. But I will be taking some tonight and will update when I get a chance. But I just have one simple little song to sing today.

Happy half birthday to Lily
Happy half birthday to Lily
Happy half birthday to my Lily-mon.
Happy half birthday to Lily

Man has it just zoomed right on by. It seems like yesterday we were anxiously awaiting her arrival by making sure everything was in it's proper place in the nursery, only to re-arrange it the next day cause I had nothing better to do.

And now... We are up to 3 meals a day, working on a sippy cup, learning how to sit up without help and giggling like it's going out of style! What a difference just a few meager months can make in the world of a baby.

So anyway, pictures (Christmas ones at that) to follow.

Oh and tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I imagine I will have photos and a post for that too. Cause you know I'm one of those people that documents every little thing the girl does. :-)

My baby is getting so big!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Meeting of the Minds.

Lillian and her new friend Ivan!

So I had a shopping date with a friend of mine yesterday. And of course we both brought along the kiddos since I still haven't gotten around to teaching the dog how to change a diaper and Adam was at work. But it worked out well. We wandered around and did some shopping, of course shopping for the kids, not for us, because as moms that is now what we do. But really when your babies are so little, those things we shop for are more for our amusement. Though I can't speak for Ivan, But I know that Lily would be completely and totally happy if I never put her in any clothes and gave her just a scrap of paper to play with. It really is the simple things in life that make her happy right now.

Also on our shopping trip, I found my long sought after Baby FLANNEL! And it looks pretty darn good on her too. I had to throw a bow in her hair since she looked more like a little dude than a little lady, but at least I'll get more than one use out of her Christmas bow that way, right?

Don't Mind the popeye look she has going on there, this is first thing in the morning.

It's Thanksgiving week too! A short week at work, get to get the L-monster all dressed up and show her off! I don't think it gets any better than that. :-)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I'm feeling better today. Not sure what was up with yesterday but I think everyone should take a day to feel sorry for themselves. After that it can only get better right? RIGHT?

I have a plan. I hope to stick to it. But I've got one. Though I really can't make any promises as I've had plans in the past and still failed.

Small steps. Little, tiny, minuscule, achievable goals that I can realistically stick to.

Here goes.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why is it so hard?

To be healthy? To live healthy? To find time to exercise? To eat right? I don't understand how people can say it is and how once you are in the habit of doing it, it becomes easy and some say even enjoyable. I can't seem to get to that point. Heck I can't even make it a whole week of making the right choices and getting some activity in. Truth be told. I'm tired. I'm tired of trying and failing. I'm tired from work and want to sit on my butt and do nothing but eat potato chips and eat cake. The little time I DO get with Lily I want to spend it ALL with her. I don't want to take 30-60 minutes of that precious time to workout if I can't include her somehow. When all is said and done, Monday thru Friday I am lucky if I get to see her for 5 waking hours a day. 5 FREAKING HOURS A DAY. Heck my In-Laws get to see her for like 9.5-10 hours a day (not including naps, that she isn't spectacular about anyway) So those precious 5 hours I get I want to have. And I want to be with her, playing with her watching her grow.

And truth be told, being healthy and working out are SO low on my priority list that all I end up doing is beating myself up for not being able to stick with anything or even make a simple choice like whether to have cake or fruit. It's not fair. Life's not fair. And it makes me sad. Sad that my IL's see my baby more than I do. Sad that I can't seem to get control of my weight and my habits.

I WANT to be healthy.
I WANT to weigh less.
I WANT to look and feel great in my skin.
And most importantly...
I WANT to spend MORE time with the baby.

People tell me the grass is always greener on the other side. That I would get sick of being with her. But what's the alternative? I get to see her far less than anyone who would babysit. Be it daycare or my In laws. That I'll probably miss her first steps, her first words and all of that because I have to work.

I know I know. Pity Party, table for 1 please.

Lest we forget, I do feel blessed. I AM a lucky person.

I do have a wonderful husband. A beautiful Baby girl. Wonderful Family that happily watches her for us so we don't HAVE to put her in daycare right now.

I'm just struggling right now. BIG TIME. And I don't know what to do.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

She's got teeth!

What? Not what you were expecting? My Mother in Law saw this pacifier and had to get it for her. And I have to admit, it IS pretty humorous. I mean she's a baby. I HOPE her real teeth won't look like that, but as my Mother in Law and I pointed out...we will love her anyway. Though we would promptly be getting them fixed.

Which brings us to my next subject.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out here soon. And shortly thereafter. BRACES. I'm not super thrilled but the end result will be worth it. I am just not happy with my smile, I've always been very self-conscience about my smile, but now it also comes down to my dental health. I do have a pretty bad overbite that I would like to have fixed. So the next couple months I will be enjoying my non-metal mouth until I get those bad boys on. But you didn't come here (does ANYONE come here?) to read about me did ya?

Back to Lily-Bob... (get it....lily-bob. Like Billy Bob....oh never mind)

We also have a regular Sunday routine of sorts, that has sorta been interrupted by Adam working it now. But We always read the newspaper together. The ads anyway. You know to see all the stuff we can't afford to buy. ANYWAY. Lily thought she would join in this past week. Her and Adam had a grand ol' time.

Note: She is looking at a TOOL ad. Like father like daughter.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Day after Election Day

I am so unbelievably happy that the election is over. I've had my fill of it all. Done with the political ads. Done with the debates. Done with knowing I'm going to lose but even with voting not being able to do anything about it.

So this is where I sit. I KNEW I was going to lose. I knew it would come to this and that Obama had lots of supporters. But I also figured that out in our wonderful country that there were at least a few more supporters. And was hoping that we would lose marginally. But it wasn't marginal at all. Obama won by a landslide. And so it all begins.

Did I ever mention that I am a poor sport and don't like losing?


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Ok for like the 2 people that actually read my blog that is. :-)

Lillian was a Ladybug (or Lilybug as some have called her). We got her all dressed up and brought her over to Adam's parents house and then over to his grandma's. She was overtired, teething and just in general not a happy girl. BUT she was cute while she did it. And she slept hard when we got home.

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

What? You didn't know that Ladybugs suck on Pacifiers? They don't. But Lilybugs do, especially when they are of the tired variety.