Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Revolation

Trying to make everyone happy is a great way to make sure you're not. -Jonathan Acuff

That quote pretty much seems to sum up my life.  I mean I always new that I was a people pleaser, a peace keeper if you will, but until I read that quote this morning I never thought much about how doing everything for everyone else really puts my happiness on the back burner.  I think I let my happiness depend too much on whether or not the people around me are happy.  And, well, that's just not right.  It seems in all my life roles I serve others.

Wife...I cook and clean and go out of my way to make Adam happy, even when it makes me miserable.

Mom...Of course I do anything for my girls....and they are little so for a while this is just going to have to be the way it is.

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant....DUH....the title itself should explain my role here at work.

Friend....Ok so this one I'm kinda crappy at lately.  I just can't seem to get connected to my friends these days.

Daughter...Of course I'd do anything to make my mom happy.

So what does this all mean?  What am I supposed to do now that I've realized this is a problem in my life?  How do I fix it?  Please don't tell me to buy myself something, or do something just for me as it seems those things are pretty unrealistic and for the most part I'm not talking about material possessions here.

I need to build myself up more.  To learn how to ask for help.  To stop feeling sorry for myself when I have so much to really be thankful for.  But how?  That's the question of the day.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who would have thought....

That I would ever write a guest blog for someone?  Hm.

Here it is, on my friends blog.  It's about weightloss.  But don't just read my post...her's are good reads too!  Enjoy!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bucket List Updated.

So a while back, actually November of 2009 I posted THIS list.  It's a long list of things I wanted to do before I died.  Thought I'd take the opportunity to edit that and update it now as it's been over a year and a lot of things have changed since then.

Yes, I'm a CopyCat. Yes, I'm ok with that.

Inspired by a few blogs I read  here and here.  I thought, what a great thing to do right now.  Lately I've had a bad case of the I wants.  I thought it would be a great time to refocus and set some life goals.  A list of 100 to be exact.  Here goes.

1. Win an award
2. Take some photography classes
3. Be an amazing mom to my kid(s) Despite all my joking around I think I'm a pretty damn good mommy
4. Be a great wife to my husband(s)  *kidding on the (s) part though*
5. Learn to keep my house clean
6. Go see a comedy act (we are going in April!)
7. Go to a fancy restaurant where you need reservations and have to dress up
8. Watch my babies grow into amazing people
9. Have the house of our dreams complete with lots of land
10. Learn to love myself more
11. Live a healthy lifestyle
12. And lose a few pounds as a result
13. Go on an amazing cruise
14. Wear a bikini with pride
15. Pay off all our debt
16. and Stay that way
17. Learn to quilt
18. Be a great friend
19. Have great friends
20. Visit Australia with Adam
21. Hire a maid (yes I realize that's counter-productive to learning to keep my house clean)
22. Join a gym and actually go
23. See a show on Broadway
24. Find my faith in God.
25. Teach my kid(s) to be charitable, if not with money, with time.
26. Celebrate our 50th Anniversary together
27. Have a gourmet kitchen
28. Teach my children to cook
29. Finish all the scrapbooks I've started throughout the years
30. Take a decorating class
31. Have a room dedicated to all my "projects"
32. Go on a family vacation to Disney-World.
33. Have a master suite, with a walk in closet and stand up 2 person shower
34. Have at least one more baby.35. Learn to communitcate my anger without yelling (I'm actually getting better here but I'm still not exactly where I'd like to be.)36. Have a job I love
37. Have another amazing family photo taken.
38. Be able to send my kid(s) to college
39. Be a grandmother
40. Volunteer at an animal shelter
41. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
42. Own a lakehome
43. Be recognized for doing something great
44. Have a corner office
45. Get a hairstyle I love
46. Drive an SUV
47. Have a blog that people love to read.
48. Give great advice
49. Start our own family traditions
50. Have a great camera with accessories.
*can I just break here a minute to say that this is WAY harder than expected.  Ok, Carry on.
51. Have a family
52. Own a house
53. Try new foods
54. Keep an open mind
55. Win a trophey
56. Wear a size 8 jean
57. Never burn bridges
58. Always strive to make sure my kid(s) get to know their granparents
59. Reconnect with my grandparents
60. Learn to hate junkfood
61. Take a cake decorating class
62. Stop regretting past choices
63. Be really good at something
64. Persue my photography business a little harder
65. Get over my fear of photographing weddings
66. Learn when to say no
67. See my kid(s) graduate
68. Grocery shop without having to use coupons (even though I probably still would)69. Finish this list today
70. Tell my husband I love him today  (and everyday)
71. Sing a song in front of an audience
72. Learn to play the piano
73. Own a piano
74. Treat my dog more like a family member75. Have my home organized and decorated by a professional
76. Save money for retirement
77. Take care of myself
78. Learn to ask for help
79. Dance in public without feeling like an idiot
80. Go bar hopping
81. Own an RV
82. Hike in the woods
83. Climb a mountain (ok, a small mountain but you get the point)
84. Tell my parents I love you to my parents more often.  ( I wish I had done this more, sadly dad passed away in December and I never did do this)85. Have an organized closet
86. Create a cool art piece
87. Learn to be more selfless
88. Play with my little girl like it's the first time for both of us!
89. Think less
90. Swim more often
91. Appreciate what I have more often.
92. Help people without being asked.
93. Take tons of pictures
94. Win the lottery
95. Buy a lottery ticket
96. Invest wisely
97. Make good choices
98. Visit 10 states
99. Fly on an airplane (shudder)
100.  Say Thank you more often.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two month pictures...

I also posted a video on Facebook of Lily singing to can find that HERE.

Monday, February 7, 2011

2 Month Update

Claire had a doctor's appointment on Friday.  Her 2 month Checkup as she turned two months last Wednesday.

Overall she is looking good.

10 pounds even (right at about 30%)
23.5 inches long (right at about 85%)

She looks good, and is checking right on with her development...except for one thing.  Her head.  She has a weird shaped head.  I can't believe I didn't notice it.  I wonder if the doctor would have pointed it out had I not asked about her vision.  See Miss Claire often looks up and to her right.  The doctor wasn't really concerned about that too much as she will follow light and objects well.  She thinks it's more out of habit.  Because she has a giant flat spot on the left side of her head so she turns her head that way most so her eyes overcompensate so that she can see what's going on in front of her.  Man I hope that made sense.

The next step for that is a meeting with Physical Therapy to have her evaluated to see what we can do and if she may have to wear a helmet to straighten it out.  In the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal.  And if it helps I'm all for that.  But honestly I feel bad.  I feel like this is my fault.  You see, I know the deal with tummy time and rotating sides when laying her in the crib and all that junk...But for some reason it never occurred to me that I should swap sides when holding her.  And for all of you who don't read this blog...She DEMANDS to be held a lot of the time.  And she has a very specific way of being held.  And so as a result, her head is perfectly formed to the contour of my arm.  For that, I feel like I should get a mother of the year award.

Though since Friday now I've been holding her the other way.  Maybe I can balance it out.   Only time will tell I guess.

Otherwise Thursday night I noticed some little tiny white spots on the insides of her cheeks again.  And of course the Doctor confirmed that she has Thrush again.  But we caught it super early this time and I can say with the help of some meds, it seems to be gone already!  For that I am thankful, what I am not thankful for is that the medicine seems to be upsetting her somehow at least I HOPE that is the problem as she has been extra clingy and not sleeping as well the last few nights.  Only 1 more day of meds and I hope she's back to her normal.

Of course I took two month pictures.  I even remembered to bring my memory card so I could upload some today (cute ones of her with Lily too).  What I did forget though is the adapter for the memory card.  So pictures to come tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're finally on the potty train....

I don't generally talk about potties and poop and stuff unless someone asks. Or if I'm with my mom, or my Mother in law or my friends who have kids....Ok so I guess I talk about poo and potty more than I'd care too.  But as a general rule of thumb I try to keep it off stuff like Facebook, cause let's face it, I may be SUPER thrilled the Miss Lily has pooped in the big girl potty.  But I can pretty much promise that not a lot of other people do, and surely no one cares as much as I do.

With that I will tell you that potty training has terrified me for as long as I can remember.  And no not just since I had my girls.  But, Like, Forever.  It was one of the things I dread about being a mother, but one of those things that is necessary.  I always thought I'd have her trained by the time she was two....BOY WAS I WRONG.  As it seems, when the time came, it just wasn't as important to me as it once was.  Sure she was showing signs of being interested in it, Heck, a lot of times she'd even pee on the potty and she was even pretty into it for a while.  The plan changed to this last fall.  I was going to try to get her potty trained before Claire was born....then she completely seemed to lose her interest.  So we didn't push it.  But it's getting to be that time.  That special time in a kids life where she wants to do things like ride on the school bus and go to school.  Of COURSE she won't go to school for a while.  But I've told her she can't go until she doesn't have to wear diapers anymore.

But I am proud to report that she is doing AWESOME!  She pretty wears big girl undies all the time when we are home now other than during naptime and bedtime.  She has pooped in the potty a few times, though she ISN'T a fan, so any day now I expect an accident in her Dora Undies.  But that's ok.  Hopefully she'll learn from it and we'll move forward.

I'm so proud of my girl!  Next month she'll start wearing pull ups to daycare!  So exciting!