Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm letting the cat out of the bag...

Ok so we don't have a cat, but if we did it would no longer be in the bag.


Really I am just not cut out for keeping secrets or keeping things to myself AT. ALL.  So really if you have a secret I wouldn't tell me cause I'll go blabbing my mouth off to anyone who will listen.

I like the gym though actually.  I've been there like 4 times now and I signed up last week. (I know, I'm surprised I've kept it a secret this long too).  Actually I didn't want to tell you blogging world because I am notorious for starting things, being really excited about them and then quitting when the newness wears off.  But honestly I like the gym. I'm going in the mornings and Adam has stepped up to the plate and he gets the kids ready by himself so that I can go.  Plus my mornings are a LOT easier now.  I know that sounds crazy.  But I get up at like 5 and I have the whole quiet house to myself while everyone else sleeps.  I get my lunch ready in peace and quiet, wander to the gym and do my workout.  Take my shower in PEACE and quiet (minus the blaringly loud music thumping from the speakers at the gym that is.) and then casually drive into work.

It's nice.  And for now, I'm digging it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I seriously forgot to put a title on this the first time. Oops

Ok, So earlier this spring my my gave us this wagon.  It was in pretty bad shape from normal wear and tear and being out in the elements for too long etc.  Last weekend I had this Brilliant Idea inspired by some pictures I'd seen to use it for photos with my girls.  So I went and got some red paint and I was going to repaint it so I could use it in my pictures, but after looking at it, it was obvious more work would have to be done than just a simple coat of paint.  Here's the before:

I also want to note the fact that the small print next to the USA, says "Rust Resistant Body".

See what I mean?  Pretty rough, I thought most of the rust was on the inside of the wagon and I could just add a coat to cover it.  But the outside was in pretty bad shape as well as the handle.  I was talking with my boss about it last week and he said that I should bring it in and they would sandblast it for me so that I can repaint the whole thing and eliminate the rust on it.  So I did, and my co-worker blasted it for me yesterday.  Shown Below, Disassembled, blasted wagon:

Apparently that's what the metal looks like underneath.  But they gave me some new bolts as well and later that day I stopped at the store and got some primer and some black paint (for the handle of course).  And I got to work.  Naturally Lily was pretty bummed because spray painting is hard work for mommies let alone 3 year old Lilys.  So I did the brunt of the work myself.  Adam put it all back together for me when I was done and it looks good as new!  Minus the Logo, but that's fine.

I'm super happy about the way it turned out!  All for about $13 or so in paint and a couple of doughnuts for my coworker we have what looks like a brand new wagon!  I can't wait to do the pictures of my girls with it this weekend!  They are going to be so awesome!

PS  When I bought that paint I thought the color was going to be SO off, but once it was on the wagon I think it's just perfect and I'm happy it's a little brighter than your normal red wagon!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Top 10 Things I'd like do do but have never done before....Or in Short. The longest blog title ever!

1. Go on a fun vacation to a spa and not worry about money.

2. Be a famous rock star.

3. Come out of my shell and make new friends.

4. Be a world famous writer.

5. Have a humongous overly-large house with a housekeeper.

6. Own a business.

7. Sky dive.  Though I'm sure I'd totally chicken out...In fact I'm chickening out while I type this.

8. Have my own office.

9. Drive a really really fast car.

10. Be high maintenance.

What do YOU want to do that you've never done before?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

8 Months Old!

Happy 8 months Claire!

At 8 months old you can:

...Eat finger foods! crawl anyway.  And you manage to get into EVERYTHING you aren't supposed to.

...From a sitting position, pull yourself to standing.

...Laugh uncontrollably when we eat your belly.  (Why is that so funny?  I'd be terrified if someone tried to eat my belly.)

...You are pretty much done with your helmet.

...You love your big sister though you sure wish she would learn to respect your own personal bubble.

...You still only have 2 teeth though I'd be willing to bet you have a few more working their way though.

...You SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT.  It's nice to finally be able to just write it out there for the world to know.  This has been a long journey and for this step I am oh so grateful!

...You will eat anything.  Literally.  (of course I mean any type of food but you have been known to eat things like paper and tissues and electrical cords...)

...You have grown quite attached to the dog.  Following him around like a puppy (pun intended)

...Your favorite word is "Mamamamama" 

....You really would be fine if you never saw your pacifier again.  But you do like to chew on it.

Happy 8 Months baby girl!  We love ya!

Monday, August 1, 2011

What IS it about a snugly baby anyway?

Last night I was sitting in the rocking chair with Claire.  Lily had already gone to bed and Adam was down in the basement trying to recover all the data from the laptop that just completely crashed.  Claire was oh so very tired and you could see it in her eyes.  And I could hold her many ways and she just kept trying to wiggle away until I held her tummy to my chest and she just collapsed in exhaustion.  No, she did not fall asleep but her little body went limp and her head snuggled in.  She was content.  Content to sit with me and snuggle. I put my cheek on the top of her head so I could feel her soft hair and feel the heat off of her.  And we both breathed into each other.  It was a long day and at that point in time, for that single half hour of the day, I was oh so thankful for the family I have.  Thankful that even though we've had some rough times, for the most part it's been awesome.  I held her and thought about how much I loved her and how much joy she brings me when she smiles and plays.  About how much her sister adores her and wants to do everything with her.  Then I found myself thinking about what life would be like if I had never got to experience the joy and comfort of holding my almost 8 month old baby close and comfy to me.  About how some people don't get to have children, no matter how wonderful they would be as parents, or how hard they try.  I found myself feeling sad for those people.

I'm so thankful that I've gotten to take this path with my life.  To have a husband who loves and supports me and two beautiful, healthy girls.  I wouldn't change it for anything.  Sometimes you just need a snugly baby to put life into perspective for you.