Monday, February 7, 2011

2 Month Update

Claire had a doctor's appointment on Friday.  Her 2 month Checkup as she turned two months last Wednesday.

Overall she is looking good.

10 pounds even (right at about 30%)
23.5 inches long (right at about 85%)

She looks good, and is checking right on with her development...except for one thing.  Her head.  She has a weird shaped head.  I can't believe I didn't notice it.  I wonder if the doctor would have pointed it out had I not asked about her vision.  See Miss Claire often looks up and to her right.  The doctor wasn't really concerned about that too much as she will follow light and objects well.  She thinks it's more out of habit.  Because she has a giant flat spot on the left side of her head so she turns her head that way most so her eyes overcompensate so that she can see what's going on in front of her.  Man I hope that made sense.

The next step for that is a meeting with Physical Therapy to have her evaluated to see what we can do and if she may have to wear a helmet to straighten it out.  In the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal.  And if it helps I'm all for that.  But honestly I feel bad.  I feel like this is my fault.  You see, I know the deal with tummy time and rotating sides when laying her in the crib and all that junk...But for some reason it never occurred to me that I should swap sides when holding her.  And for all of you who don't read this blog...She DEMANDS to be held a lot of the time.  And she has a very specific way of being held.  And so as a result, her head is perfectly formed to the contour of my arm.  For that, I feel like I should get a mother of the year award.

Though since Friday now I've been holding her the other way.  Maybe I can balance it out.   Only time will tell I guess.

Otherwise Thursday night I noticed some little tiny white spots on the insides of her cheeks again.  And of course the Doctor confirmed that she has Thrush again.  But we caught it super early this time and I can say with the help of some meds, it seems to be gone already!  For that I am thankful, what I am not thankful for is that the medicine seems to be upsetting her somehow at least I HOPE that is the problem as she has been extra clingy and not sleeping as well the last few nights.  Only 1 more day of meds and I hope she's back to her normal.

Of course I took two month pictures.  I even remembered to bring my memory card so I could upload some today (cute ones of her with Lily too).  What I did forget though is the adapter for the memory card.  So pictures to come tomorrow.

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