Monday, September 15, 2008

4 Month Checkup.

Well she isn't really 4 months yet. She will be soon. But the way my Dr. does visits is weird. So her head is big. 75th percentile. and her Height is good 50th percentile at 25.5 inches. And weighing in at a whopping 11 pounds, in the 10th percentile. Yup she is a bit underweight. Probably due to the heart murmur.

So let me run you through her doctor appointment on Friday. Get there, sign in. Sit and wait. Nurse gets us, they weigh her, measure her, etc. Then we go in another room, nurse listens to her heart and leaves us to wait for the doctor. Doctor comes in, asks bunches of questions, says she's underweight and must feed every 2 hours as much as she'll eat (boo). And yes we can start cereal! Since of course it has more calories and will help her gain some weight. Then Doctor checks her heart beat and I ask if the murmur is miraculously gone. Nope. It's louder, which could be either really good, or not so good. Have to wait for cardiologist appointment to determine that. Boo. OK. She gets 4 shots today, plus she apparently looks pale (keep in mind the girl is darker than I am.) Let's test her Hemoglobin to make sure that her iron isn't too low. I ask what happens if it is (NEVER DO THAT) and she says, if it's just mildly low she goes on an iron supplement, and if it's way low then she gets to have a blood transfusion. Yeah. I should NOT have asked that. OK so we go over to lab to get some blood taken (after they poked her 4 times with needles) and they stab her in the foot and squeeze it to get the blood out. My baby was NOT a happy camper. OK I finally get her calmed down and go back to the clinic to schedule her next appointments. Dr. wants to see her back in a month to make sure she is gaining more weight.

Fun Fun. But all in all it wasn't a terrible appointment. I mean we did get to start her on baby cereal. We did that on Saturday. And yes we took video of it. But of course I'll post some still photos once I get some.

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