Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So what's up with me lately?

Man, Have I ever been slacking in the blogging section of my life. Seems I have a lot going on but just never really feel much like writing about it, and if I do feel like writing I feel uninspired and I certainly don't want to bore my readers with boring stories about how lily won't sleep past 6:30 anymore, which wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't super crab when she woke up. But for some reason I just feel like that's not something people want to read about.

Lately I have been feeling like certain areas of my life I am growing away from and others closer to. I don't really know how to explain that other than maybe we've just been so busy that I haven't really just sat down to type out what's going on. It seems every weekend that comes has plans in it already. I remember why I don't really mind winter so much. You get to stay home and relax and watch movies instead of run over all over creation. But really why does it bother me so much to have so many plans? Cause I am a hermit that's why. I plan this stuff cause I like to do it all but then complain about not having time to do anything.

I'm sporting a pretty wicked sunburn from the Zoo trip on Saturday, it has moved past the burn stage and is now in the itchy stage. And let me just say I am SO glad I actually put sunblock on most of the areas otherwise I would surely throw myself off a cliff cause I couldn't take the itching, even with the aloe gel it's so itchy.

Let's see what else is going on? Friday Lily is going over to Adam's parents house for the morning and then I have some photography stuff at 3 and then hopefully my kid and their kid can swim, provided it doesn't rain on us all. Saturday Lily and I have a play date at 10-12 and then I am meeting another friend and her baby at 1 at albertville to do some shopping. Should be fun. Sunday is fathers day and I can't state what I have planned since Adam reads this (ok, so there is nothing planned yet.)

That's my excitement. I'll get better, these things go in phases for me for some reason so I'll just write when I feel like it I guess.

Anything great I should write about? World peace? Learning to fly a kite? Anything?

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