Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Sunday.

A week ago that really meant nothing to me.  Sunday was just like any other day of the week.  I was carefree, enjoying being home with my amazing little girl and keeping my house extremely clean.  But this Sunday is different.  It's like the "old days" (you know 3 weeks ago) when I actually had to get up on Monday to go to work.  But this one is different.  The hours are different, the pay is different and the fact that I'm really not sure what the heck I'll be doing at this new job is different. 

So this morning I took some time and laid in bed and watched Elmo with Lily.  We cuddled.  It was great.  Adam is at work.  And my In-Laws came to pick up Lily this morning.  She will having a sleepover at grandma's tonight.  I miss her WAY more than usual knowing that I have to go back to work tomorrow.

I'm really not sure I like this new direction life is going.  But I have faith that things will work out.  Hopefully I will love this job, or my old one will call me back and I can get out.  I am most sad that I was really really enjoying being home with my little girl everyday and now I feel like I'll barely see her.

Guess now's a good time to start pushing bedtime back a bit so I can spend just a little more time with her.

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  1. Starting a new job, or any new situation, is always scary! I hope you settle in easily. I know you'll make it work.