Monday, February 8, 2010

How I spent my first day as a House Wife.

Cleaning.  I should have gone and gotten the girl from my parents house, however, it was snowing, hard with no signs of letting up so we decided it would be best and safest for all if the girl stayed with my parents another night.  I'm sure they just hated that.  NOT.

So I slept in and watched tv in bed for a while.  Then I got up and showered and let the dog out.  Started some laundry and headed to Mills Fleet to pick up a few things we needed.  When I got home I cleaned the bathroom.  (oh lord did it need it)  And the bedrooms.  Swept and picked up stuff.  Vacuumed the stairs and the living room.  Did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen and dining room.  I've been productive to say the least.  The last load of laundry is in the wash and I feel great.  I love it when the house is clean.  So for a while, I'll enjoy having a clean house.  Until the day comes when I get a job.

I did apply to about 5 jobs today so hopefully something will come of them.  A couple of them are just part time but I could handle that I guess.

I have to say one thing though.  I miss the girl.  A Lot.  Hopefully the roads and stuff will be better and so I can go and pick her up tomorrow.  Either way I know she's in good hands.

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