Monday, August 23, 2010

Where she's at: 27 Month's Old

Miss Lily has taken a keen interest in Tea Party's lately.  Especially is there is "copcorn" (popcorn) or M&M's involved.  This melts me because I love tea parties.

She also loves her "tater heads".  She has a mommy tater head and a daddy tater head.  And I'm thinking some babies are in their future.  Possibly for Christmas.  Hopefully she's still really into them when the time comes.

She is getting very excited to meet her "Care" and help take care of her, and there has been a lot of practicing going around.  Though it's been decided that while the girl can help change her and feed her, there is NO WAY we are going to let Lily carry the baby.  I don't think the foot carry or the neck carry is appropriate for a newborn.

Miss Lily is a blabber mouth to the max too.  I can't think of a word she won't say (in fact I'm sure she's taught me a few).  Of course we all knew she was doomed to this destiny from before she was born as Adam and myself are not exactly the quiet types.  Hopefully everyone she knows finds this feature about her as endearing as we do.  I sure can get frustrated when she asks me 4 trillion questions a day, or repeats the same thing over and over again hoping for a different answer.  But honestly I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I love listening to her talk.  And in turn I am 90% certain that we have fewer meltdowns than other kids her age because she can communicate with us so well what she needs/wants.  Does she always get what she wants?  HECK NO, and we do get meltdowns for that.  But at least we don't get meltdowns because she is thirsty or whatever and just can't express it.  So long paragraph short: I'll keep my blabbermouth.

She is VERY VERY much a daddy's girl.  I also love this.  Sure most of the time she prefers daddy to me, but that's ok, cause honestly I love watching them wrestle and chase each other.  They are adorable.  I knew Adam was going to be a great dad and he sure has let me (or the girl) down yet.

She's still very very much in the "I want to help" stage and I try really hard to use it so much now that when she's older and won't help I can say that at least when she was little she liked to help me.  It also drives her crazy when something gets spilled or if anything is left open.  When we got home from daycare yesterday she walks into the kitchen, pushes the drawer shut without batting an eyelash and went on her merry way.  She gets that from her daddy too.  He hates it when the cabinet doors are left open and I have to admit even though I know this, it's just not in my wiring to pay attention to whether or not I shut the doors.  Oops.  At least I have people who'll close them up for me.

So there's a Lily update.  She's spunky, bossy, but kind and caring.  Always willing to share (on her terms) and a true comedian.  I couldn't ask for a better 2 year old.

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