Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Morning Blog Followers

Wow, it's been a while.  To put it the easy way.  I'VE BEEN SO BUSY.  90% of the time at work I feel like I am a chicken running around with my head cut off.  Which is ok really.  It's nice to be busy and it's nice to be needed cause everyone who knows me, knows that I need to be needed.  The only downside (besides not getting my daily nap...j/k) is that I don't have the time to keep up with my blog and all my other internets.  So I've pretty much ONLY been keeping up with Facebook and my email.  On the plus side, my days FLY by these days, I mean look at the date?  It's already May 23rd.  Where the heck did the rest of May go?  I surely don't know.

So what's been going on you ask?  Well not a whole lot.  I don't want to update too much on Lily since her birthday is this week (Thursday) and I have a big post in the works for that.  And Claire turns 6 months next week so I want to save stuff to add for that.  So that leaves the children out.   So what else is there to say.

We  Adam has waged a war on the Squirrels around our house.  With some clever pellet gun usage and a few live traps we are hoping to get this problem taken care of swiftly and get the holes in our house patched up.  I'm so happy that after several years of this we are finally taking some action and getting some results!  It's a good feeling even if it's not as instant as I'd like. 

We're also having problems with our drain in the basement, heaven forbid you run two things at once (dishwasher and shower, or whatever) because the basement drain backs up all over the floor.  It's really just not fun.  Most likely tree roots in the line, which is not fun and we aren't looking forward to dishing out the money to have it fixed.  Blech.  But it has to be done I guess.

We've done some work out in our 3 season room too (or really Adam has)  We got the TV working out there and he took the pellet stove out so that we can have more room for all of the girls' junk.  It's really nice, and it's actually crazy to me how much space there is out there now without that in there.  Adam plans to use it out in the garage, which will be a great use of it since our girls are so little and that thing is not exactly kid proof.

I'm still working diligently on the coupon front.  I haven't posted many of my good deals, which I really should.  LOL.  Maybe I'll make Wednesday my Deal day here.  I will post some of my local match ups and good deals.  Usually by Wednesday I have my list together and have gone through most of my ads.  It'll be nice to have the structure.

I think that is about all the updating I have for today.  I have a ton of work as I just am here 3 days this week.  Thursday is Lily's birthday and so we are going to do something special with her and then Friday I took off to get ready for lily's party on Saturday!  I'll update on Thursday with lily's 3 year update!

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