Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Girl Lily!

Well it's been a while since I did a major update for Lily.  Anyone who has kids will tell you that even though they do still change quickly and stuff but not quickly enough to really warrant a monthly update I guess.  So here goes.

At 3 years old Lily.... completely, 100% potty trained.  We don't even wear pull ups at night anymore.

...probably knows more words than I do. so independent.  Rarely wanting help of any kind.

...loves to read story books, and can remember stories almost word for word.

...recognizes probably half of the letters of the alphabet by sight.

...would wear pretty princess dresses every second, of every day if she could. SUPER stubborn.

...cannot be told of things ahead of time because that girl is an elephant and remembers things, even the smallest most mundane details of things for MONTHS on end.

...absolutely loves her baby sister and very rarely has anything bad to say about her. (the feeling is mutual) starting to give up her nap.  It's about a 50/50 chance we can get her to take her naps now. Instead opting for "quiet time".

...loves all things edible.  It's hard to find something she doesn't like, but like all kids, she goes through phases where she prefers things more than others.

...hates having water poured on her head in the bathtub.

...had her first dentist appointment, which went swimmingly.  No cavities and her teeth look great, though the dentist said to prepare for braces.  The poor girl has my overbite.  Lucky her.

...thinks Max and Ruby is really just the bees knees.

...loves to help clean and do chores (if only it would last).

...says that when she grows taller she is going to have coffee with me and have a scissor and knives.

...gets pushed around a bit by other kids since she is so kind hearted and mostly soft spoken. kinda klutzy. not even remotely a baby anymore (unless you call the screaming tantrums baby-like) but a beautiful little girl instead.

And as much as some days I'd love nothing more than to run off to the Caribbean with the pool boy, I can think of no other little girl I'd rather spend my time with.  She is amazing.  Sweet, funny, bright, beautiful and such a wonderful ball of energy (if only she'd share that energy)  We really are blessed to have such an amazing 3 year old in our lives.

Snow Lily

Sleeping Lily

Happy Birthday Princess Lillian!  We love you!

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