Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 7 Months Claire Bear....

Wow 7 months already! 

At 7 months old Miss Claire....

....rolls around like a mad baby. only wearing her helmet part time.

....does most of her talking when big sister isn't around, but can be quite the chatter box.

....loves to jump jump jump JUMP.

...loves to laugh. pretty much ALWAYS sleeping through the night now. (knock on wood)  Meaning Down at 8:30pm and up around 5-5:30 or so. 

...Still thinks big sister is the greatest thing since sliced bread. trying desperately to crawl...pulling her back legs won't be long now.

....can stand on her own holding onto something.

....thinks daddy is pretty neat.  And funny.  As with Lily, Daddy is one of her favorite play time toys. As she loves to be tossed in the air and dropped on the couch.

...has TWO teeth.  On the bottom and they came in about halfway through her 6th month.  She has been very agreeable since they broke the surface.

....Usually takes a couple of catnaps during the day with one longer one right in the middle.

Last night I was holding her and she was laughing and giggling and would NOT fall asleep.  I even thought to myself how I missed holding her and cuddling her while she sleeps.  I really really thought it would be a LONG time before that day came. But there I was, last night missing cuddling her.  Not that I never get to anymore but she surely falls asleep better if you just lay her down in her crib.

My baby is over a half a year old.  I just don't know how that has happened. 

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