Thursday, August 4, 2011

I seriously forgot to put a title on this the first time. Oops

Ok, So earlier this spring my my gave us this wagon.  It was in pretty bad shape from normal wear and tear and being out in the elements for too long etc.  Last weekend I had this Brilliant Idea inspired by some pictures I'd seen to use it for photos with my girls.  So I went and got some red paint and I was going to repaint it so I could use it in my pictures, but after looking at it, it was obvious more work would have to be done than just a simple coat of paint.  Here's the before:

I also want to note the fact that the small print next to the USA, says "Rust Resistant Body".

See what I mean?  Pretty rough, I thought most of the rust was on the inside of the wagon and I could just add a coat to cover it.  But the outside was in pretty bad shape as well as the handle.  I was talking with my boss about it last week and he said that I should bring it in and they would sandblast it for me so that I can repaint the whole thing and eliminate the rust on it.  So I did, and my co-worker blasted it for me yesterday.  Shown Below, Disassembled, blasted wagon:

Apparently that's what the metal looks like underneath.  But they gave me some new bolts as well and later that day I stopped at the store and got some primer and some black paint (for the handle of course).  And I got to work.  Naturally Lily was pretty bummed because spray painting is hard work for mommies let alone 3 year old Lilys.  So I did the brunt of the work myself.  Adam put it all back together for me when I was done and it looks good as new!  Minus the Logo, but that's fine.

I'm super happy about the way it turned out!  All for about $13 or so in paint and a couple of doughnuts for my coworker we have what looks like a brand new wagon!  I can't wait to do the pictures of my girls with it this weekend!  They are going to be so awesome!

PS  When I bought that paint I thought the color was going to be SO off, but once it was on the wagon I think it's just perfect and I'm happy it's a little brighter than your normal red wagon!

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