Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why do they have to grow up?

So for a long time now Lily has seemed to have no interest in really moving anywhere but where you put her. OH boy how that has changed in just a few short weeks. She still doesn't officially crawl but she sure can get where she wants to be. With a combination of pulling herself with her hands, by scooting her butt, mixed with a snippet of crawling and this weird half standing twirl thing she does. (yeah I have no clue how to describe it) And as of late she has been pulling herself up and letting go, so she is just standing there not holding on to anything. She gets the biggest smile on her face too like she is so darn proud of herself for doing it all by herself. sigh. I suppose this is what's supposed to happen huh? They get older and do more. I just can't believe how one day she can do nothing and the next she is practically running away from me.

I DO have some good video of her standing by herself, and one of these days I promise to upload it, along with the video of her in the swing at the playground.

Heck I think we'll go to the playground today. Sunshine FINALLY!

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