Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Curse You Minnesota Weather

The snow! OH THE SNOW! Such a nice weekend full of yard work and outdoorness with no snow has now turned into 34 degrees and 8 inches of snow. So the question remains, To grocery shop or to go home. *sigh* I hate driving in the snow, carrying the baby in the snow, pushing the cart through the snow. Just nothing about it seems like fun. But it has stopped snowing (for the time being) so if it stays as is, it might be ok to drive in and all that with the temp being a bit warmer than anticipated.

Man I'm tired though, I went to sleep fine and then about 12:00 the Mons decided that she wanted to be awake and cry, Adam went in and worked his magic and the girl was STILL awake then I went in and he went in another time after that and all was fine after that. Silly girl, I sure hope we get something to show for all this night waking she's been doing lately. A tooth perhaps, she still only has two teeth so I would be ok with that (not that I can really control it.) And I don't check anymore because the two teeth she DOES have are sharp, very sharp, and I'm not an idiot, bite me once shame on you, bite me twice shame on me for sticking my fingers where they don't belong anyway right?

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