Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So, almost 14 months later...

And I thought I'd share Lily's birth story. So it gets to be a little bit of too much information so if you don't want to read it then just skip on over to the next blog.

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

I was 5 days over due. Scheduled to be induced on the upcoming Tuesday. As my Dr. was actually up in Canada with her family over Memorial weekend.

Adam and I had decided to hit up a movie. (Indiana Jones) Then we went to our local craft store to pick up a few things, as we were having a baby and knew it would be while before we got to do that stuff. Then we rented some movies and headed home. We were in the middle of a really stupid movie. I can't remember the name, I'm sure Adam will remind me when he reads this. But about halfway thru I felt some contractions. Not my normal Braxton Hicks contractions either, they were REAL contractions. So I timed them thru the rest of the stupid movie and we finished that. Then I called the hospital since they were about 3 minutes apart at this point. I took a shower and headed in. It was about 7:30pm or so when we got there. I was so paranoid that they would tell me that it wasn't real and they'd send me home. Thank GOODNESS they didn't. They kept us. We got settled into our delivery room and did some walking around for a while. The contractions were getting pretty uncomfortable and eventually I asked when I could have the epidural just so I wouldn't miss my window for it. (hey what can I say, It was invented for a reason) So she told me I could get it right away, I know I wasn't even dilated to 4 yet when they gave it to me, but the rest was pretty smooth sailing. Eventually around 12:30 or so I started pushing. I felt so nauseous. SO they let me drink some water. I pushed for about an hour or so and then took another drink of water and choked. Yes, I choked and coughed and guess what happened. Miss Lily popped out. As a result I had a pretty bad tear (3rd degree) and was bleeding, a lot. But my little girl was here. I was a little surprised that she was a girl, I wasn't even aware of how much I thought she was a boy until she was there. Full head of hair and powerful set of lungs. They took her and weighed her and all that. I was bleeding a lot, I was kinda in a fog at this point as they stitched me up and did all that. They gave me a shot to stop the bleeding and as the epidural wore off I felt so sick. I ended up throwing up, It was SO awful. My stomach hurt so dang bad. And practically right away they had me get up to take a shower, which did not go over so well and I got to ride in a wheelchair to my regular room. Which to this day I STILL can not believe they expected me to walk that after just pushing out that watermelon. But my little girl was here. Lillian Grace, 8 pounds 8 ounces. 19.5 inches long and born at 1:44 am on May 26th 2008.

2 weeks later we got to make an ER trip and got to have a D&C since not all of the placenta was out. But after that it was smooth sailing, I swear.

And now she is 14 months old. But on one hand it feels like we have always had her and on the other it seems like just yesterday.

So there it is. That's how Lily came to be. Since I didn't start this blog until several months after she was born. Now it's all written down so I can rub it in later when she grows up. What? That's what parents do isn't it?

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  1. It was "No Country For Old Men".