Thursday, July 9, 2009

We do it every night but it's never the same...

So last night, 7:00 rolled around. I opened the baby gate and up we went. Lily and I, to get her bath ready. She stood anxiously at the side of the tub throwing her toys in as the water filled up. I gathered her things, jammies, towel, diaper and set out her clothes for the following day. By this time the water is full up and she is ready to get in. She anxiously held her arms up so I could undress her. She got in, I washed her and then let her play for 10 minutes or so. As usual I let the water drain out and only when the water is ALL gone and I have taken all the toys out of the tub is she willing to come out and dry off. I cuddle her up in the towel and brush her teeth. Then we head into her room and sit on the floor as I put lotion on and sing her some silly song about her left and right leg, then her arms and so on. We get a diapie on and her jammie bottoms. Sit up and put her shirt on and then comb her hair. Have a drink of water and then we climb into the rocking chair to read a story. Last night was "I'll always find you". She turns the pages as I read to her and she points to things excitedly and I tell her what they are. And most of the time I can ask her to find something on the page and she happily obliges me. Finally the story is over. I put the book away and turn her to face me with her Mr. Beary. She cuddles right in for some Snuggles as we sing a couple of songs. I start off with Twinkle Twinkle, then move on to the Mockingbird song. But last night was different for some reason. I didn't do anything different than usual but for some reason something was different. I caught myself thinking about how it seemed like 5 minutes ago when we did this all the night before. Then I caught myself thinking how I can't believe how big she is and how she's almost 14 months old already. Really? How did this happen? My sweet baby is growing up, and for just a moment I wished I could freeze the time. And just hold onto her forever in there very spot. Right after story time and as I sing to her. But realize that all I can do is enjoy this time with her now and NEVER wish the time away. So then I asked her if she was ready for night night, and I got my usual response of a grunt and a point in the direction of the crib. In which case I ask her if she wants to go in there and she bounces and grunts happily at me. I pick her up and give her one last hug and a big kiss and lay her down.

"Enjoy your time with them. They really grow too fast." People sure don't lie about that do they?

I love my Lily-Monster.♥


  1. Aw, so sweet Miranda! And so true!

  2. I'm crying....such a sweet post!

  3. You brought tears to my eyes..they do grow up way to fast. I have been watching Kayden for the past 20 minutes scoot across the livingroom floor. Pretty soon he will be crawling. I was just thinking earlier today about when I held him for the first time. It seems like ages ago already.

  4. I agree! They grow so fast!!! Way too fast!

  5. What a special post. It just makes me want to say "yay" and give you a hug. :)