Wednesday, July 22, 2009

7 Random Tidbits

1. I have an addiction to pens and post-its. I have from a very young age had a pretty massive pen collection, I would say it's actually lessened a bit as I have gotten older but it's still there. And post-its? Who doesn't love post-its? They are sticky and pretty and fun!

2. I absolutely HATE it when people call me Amanda. Spell my name wrong pronounce it wrong all you wish but to call me Amanda. Now that's just wrong. (disclaimer: I have no issue with the name Amanda exactly, in fact it's a fine name, BUT my name is MIRANDA)

3. I do not know at this point when we will plan for baby number 2. Right now we are living in a very small house and enjoying the baby we have. Do I think I would be ready for baby 2 as originally planned? Sure, but why bother when I love our family the way it is right now. So it may be a while. Besides, do I have to mention the MORNING SICKNESS. No thank you.

4. I totally copied this idea from another blog I read. Though I'm afraid that she's a lot more clever than I am with her random 7 things.

5. Adam and I have currently been arguing about who has to make his Dr. appointment for him. You see he has a little cyst on his cheek. I say he's a big boy and should do it and he says I should do it for him. I will NOT do it on principal. Besides we have life insurance (OK, so I'm mostly kidding about that part) But honestly I have myself and Lily's appointments to worry about let alone his.

6. I ate an entire bag of Quaker Carmel corn rice cakes this morning. DON'T JUDGE ME.

7. I have had the most serious of serious writer's block lately. (and I'm not even a writer) I can't seem to think of ANYTHING to talk about and when I do it's boring or has nothing to do with anything. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post soon! (yes that may be a teaser)

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  1. I read Not that you asked too!

    And I don't make doctor's appts for Joe on principle either.