Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One thing I learned recently...

Miss Lily is NOT a morning person either.  She is just like her mommy and daddy in that sense.  Though for a while I thought she was a morning person.  Turns out she is a morning person but only when she wakes up on her own.

Let me explain.  For those that don't know.  Adam got a promotion at work.  He's pretty excited about that.  But part of it was he works 7-4 on some days and 9-6 on some days.  The last few days when Adam has been scheduled for 7-4, we have to get Miss Lily up at ten to 6 or so in the morning in order to get her dressed and ready to go to daycare.  She is not pleased with this.  Man I never knew my kid could be so crabby/whiny. She gets that from her daddy I think.   Thankfully she has still been really good at daycare and we are lucky to have a daycare provider that is flexible with her schedule since it's sorta all over the place right now. 

So all this time I thought the girl was a morning person.  Here's one time I'm sorta glad I was wrong.  But you won't hear me say that again.


  1. Congrats to Adam on a promotion. Boo for Lily being crabby. I know how that goes and it's not much fun.

  2. I HATE when Kayden's schedule gets all messed up. It makes for a LONG day! I hope Lily transitions fast!