Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why do they always cry for Momma?

Let me preface with my miss Lily is an AMAZING sleeper, she always has been and I suspect she always will be.  She generally goes to sleep super easy and she wakes up happy and ready to start her day.  Of course there are a few exceptions now and then but no one is perfect right?  So when she wakes up at night or crys in the middle of the night, it's unusual.  And for a while she did it a lot but would easily go right back to sleep without us having to even go in her room to check on her.  We truely are lucky.

So when at 3:30 the other morning my baby little girl woke up SCREAMING like someone was in her room trying to murder her, I woke up fast.  Of course she was crying hard for me, wanting mommy as most kids (i suspect anyway) do.  And I can tell you I am not the type to turn to mush when my baby cries.  Sure it bothers me, but not in the way most people say it does.  I find it annoying usually.  I mean hey, I want to sleep too.  But this cry was different.  I could tell she was upset and I didn't think she was going to go back to sleep easy for me.  So I got up right away and went to check on her.  She was standing up and very very upset.  Here is where the mother in me actually kicked in.  I wanted nothing more than to pick her up and soothe her pain.  I could tell she was upset.  But my brain new better.  My brain told me to gently stroke her hair and lay her back down.  Tuck her in and sound happy to do it.  I gave her, her little buddy "B" and tucked her in, told her I loved her and left the room as we always do when she wakes up at night.  She wined and wimpered a few minutes more but quickly went back to sleep.  I however did not drift right back to dreamland.  In fact, I laid awake until about 5:00 when I finally fell back to sleep and the alarm taunted me by going off just 15 minutes later.

So I don't know what bothered my sweet girl, but I actually felt bad.  I felt sorry that she was so upset but I was happy she calmed down so easily and fell back into dreamland.  Such is the life of a parent right?

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