Thursday, September 23, 2010

4 Quick Takes (cause I'm too lazy to come up with 7)

1. I had a Dr. appointment on Friday for 28 weeks.  I failed the one hour glucose test, and I'm anemic.  I googled the anemia to see what the symptoms were:

Easy fatigue and loss of energy
Unusually rapid heart beat, particularly with exercise
Shortness of breath and headache, particularly with exercise
Difficulty concentrating
Pale skin
Leg cramps

And wouldn't you know it, I have EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM.  Never mind the fact that I'm pretty much pale all the time though.  But still.  I've been on the Iron supplement (which is very temper mental I might add) Since Friday and I am STILL anxiously waiting for some of those to go away.  Though I'm sure I'm screwed because I AM pregnant after all and some of those symptoms just simply come with being pregnant.  Lucky Lucky.

As far as the Glucose Test.  That's to test for Gestational Diabetes.  Now A LOT of women don't pass the one hour.  It's fairly common and not SUPER accurate.  They use it more for screening to see if you need further testing or not, which is a good thing I suppose.  Either way I spent my Tuesday morning sitting in the clinic for 3 hours while I couldn't eat and had to drink something that tasted pretty much like solid sugar water and try to keep myself from Horking it up.  Either way I passed.  I didn't fail a single one of the 4 blood draws they did.  So I felt irrationally irritated that I had to spend basically 4 hours out of my day sitting there for no reason.  But I guess better safe than sorry.

2. Adam's company is celebrating their 10 year anniversary and for that they are bringing all the employees plus a guest to the Renaissance Festival.  I am SO thrilled about this for a couple of reasons.  Mainly because I WANTED TO GO SO BADLY.  Second.  It's free.  They are providing transportation, food, ticket entry.  How much better could it be?  Of course it would have been cool to go with Lily but really Adam and I could use some adult time outside of our house.  So I'm thrilled, and the weather is supposed to be nice too which is an added bonus!

3. Our new Super Walmart opened up here last week.  I am happy about this as it's the only real competition for grocery in our town so hopefully we can save a little money by shopping there.  Well, this past weekend we decided to go over and check it out, and as everyone knows you CAN'T go to Walmart and not buy something. (I think it's a law actually)  Well the whole shopping experience was fine until the check outs.  Now If I ever had to complain about something with regards to walmart, it's their check outs.  They never have enough open and you literally spend more time waiting to check out than you do shopping their massively huge store.  So we pick a line, they were all long so we just picked one.  I swear we stood in line for at least 15 minutes still being like 3rd in line.  When they CLOSED THE LINE.  Oh we were not the only irritated people in that line, as we had all been waiting forever to check out and we all had to find new lines to stand in and just pray that they didn't do the same thing.  Whatever, I was ready to just abandon our cart and leave but we had gotten Lily a pumpkin to put her Halloween candy and she was pretty excited about it, so we decided to just suck it up and find another line.  We only waited about 10 minutes in that line.  For the self check out.  Blech.  So Walmart, reluctantly I will go back, but I will not be happy if I have the same experience this time.

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