Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Adventures in Pottyland.

It's that time.  That time in every kids life when using the potty really becomes a part of your daily habits.  You know when you get candy or a special treat for using the potty.  In my daughters case the reward last night was getting to wash her hands.  She LOVES to wash her hands and there was no need for it, so I told her if she went potty she could wash her hands.  I've never seen a 2 year old whip off their pants and diaper so quickly.  She hopped up and went potty.  She got to wash her hands.  She was happy.  I was happy.

Fast Forward to after dinner.  She gets down and walks over to her potty chair and takes her pull-up off and sat on the potty, all without us asking if she had to go or her telling us she had to go.  And she went!  Such a big girl.  This time her treat was some candy that daddy brought home from work. 

Fast Forward again to after bath time and we are laying in my bed getting her all dressed and ready for her story and bed.  I go to put my foot under the blanket and wouldn't you know it, the girl peed in my bed.  Sigh.  So you see it's all a guessing game in Pottyland.  We aren't actively pushing her to use the potty, just more encouraging her to let us know if she has to go so she can sit on the "big girl potty".  So far she's doing pretty darn good.  I think we'll have this down soon.  But then again, in Pottyland, you just never know.

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