Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coupons...Yes, I'm still ON that.

So I had all these great intentions of sharing my deals with you guys and helping out when I can.  But really I can barely find the time to put together my own list of coupons let alone a list for everyone else.  SO I thought I would share some of my favorite websites.

Coupon Divas

This site is awesome for all the printable coupons.  It takes you through all 4 of the major places to get online coupons and you can stay on the same site to do it, which is a huge bonus for me.  Sadly most of there match-ups are for stores we don't have.  But if you shop at Target or CVS or Walgreens. It's perfect.  I also really like their coupon database, which lists coupons that will be coming out in the upcoming paper, if you search by date.  Let's me know if it's even worth buying a paper that week.

Disclaimer: We don't always get the same coupons they list, but it's usually pretty close.

Creative Couponing 

This site is awesome because the offer Coborns and Cashwise match ups each week, so it's a great place to check for coupon matchups.

Pocket Your Dollars

This site also is a local one.  So they offer Coborns, Cashwise, Cub and Rainbow foods match ups.  Also they feature a lot of money saving tips and other local deals.

Krazy Coupon Lady

I do Like this site a lot but I don't use it as much as some of the ones listed above, but it's also a good resource for any coupony stuff.

You can also get some good printable coupons from Coborns and Cashwise under their coupon tabs.

Enjoy and happy shopping.  There is a lot of baking stuff and soups on sale this time of year so make sure you stock up when you find a good deal!

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