Monday, November 7, 2011

Mommy and Me Time.

Happy Monday!

It was a good weekend.  Miss Lily and I went out and did some shopping together.  We got her a new coat (much needed,  she's been wearing the same one for 3 years) And she picked out her Christmas dress.  Yes, I know it seems early but we are going to be getting family pictures done this week and I wanted to have one for her then.  After we shopped for our coat and our dress then we stopped and looked at all the Barbies...So that we could tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas.  Lily and I went and ate at Space Aliens together and then played a few games.  Then we stopped at Goodwill to check out their Halloween stuff so we got a few things for next year as far as pumpkin carving goes, we are set.

After we got home lily laid down for a while and watched a movie and rested.  Then it was such a beautiful day out that we all went outside to hang out and play.  The sand was damp in the sandbox so we made a bunch of molds and tried making a few sand castles.  We played outside for a couple hours (at least it FELT like a couple hours) and then we went in and hung out inside.

Now to just get them adjusted to the time change.  Yesterday was a pretty productive day.  I got a bookshelf moved up to the girls' room and all the books up there since the baby feels it is her sole duty to rid the earth of everything made of paper.  We read most of the books up there anyway so it only makes sense. I will say the bookshelf looks really nice up there too!  Lily digs it.

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