Wednesday, December 17, 2008

As I promised...

So yesterday I get up. Casually make a comment about how cold it feels and how ironic that is cause Adam turned the heat up at night so we wouldn't turn Lily into a Lily-cicle. Well we go about or normal morning routine. And I go downstairs and it's 50 degrees...Brr. I try to turn the thermostat up, it does nothing. So I yell up the stairs to Adam and he comes down and tries to fix it. Whatever, he'll try and get out of work early and come home and see if he can find what's wrong with it. Then he takes the dog out as usual. And goes to start the truck for me so I don't freeze my nards off on my short drive to work. It doesn't start. He has to jump it.

So He came home early from work and the furnace seems to be fine, we think it was just a fluke. Whatever, he enjoys a nice quiet day at home. Meanwhile, I have the truck, which did run fine on my way to work despite Adam telling me that it won't. I get cocky. Fast Forward to 3:20, I go out and start the truck. It starts fine. I leave at 3:30, remember that the wipers don't work right. I grumble to myself. I manage to kill the truck before I even leave the parking lot here. BUT I get it restarted, only to kill it again at the intersection. *sigh* SO I call Adam, he is off in another town on his way to pick up the Lily-Mon. So I wait, and wave people to go around me. He shows up 25 minutes later. I'm freezing to death (I swear to god on that one) We get it started, I follow him home. Get home, the heat stopped working again. Whatever, we get it going and then we go and get the baby. Get home make supper, while Adam fixes the truck (thankfully an easy fix). Ate supper, went to bed.

This morning. We make a comment about how the heat was running. I get downstairs later and it's NOT working. *sigh* So I go down and get it running again.

I gotta say, normally I can't wait to get home, but I think I'd rather stay at work.

It doesn't help any that lily hasn't been sleeping as usual lately. She's been waking up a lot. We are getting better about leaving her and letting her go back to sleep on her own though so I guess that's good. I think she's going through a growth spurt or something. Who the heck knows anymore.

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