Monday, December 22, 2008

Change of Plans?

Why do things never go as planned? At least for me anyway.

Friday Adam and I went to a movie of my choice since we had a free babysitter. We went and seen Bolt. It was great, I was looking forward to coming home to a sleeping baby. Um, Yeah. She was wide awake. So we still had to put her to bed. Whatever we still got a night out. But from now on, at least til she gets older I think we will avoid planning things for when her bedtime is cause it just throws her off too much.

Saturday was my birthday! It went well. We went out for lunch, were going to go car shopping but the weather was crappy and snowy and icky so we just went home instead. The rest of the day we just hung out at home and watched TV on the couch, it was a nice day.

Sunday we were supposed to go to my parents house for dinner, which got canceled because of the weather on Saturday and in all reality it would have been just fine to drive on Sunday. So Instead Adam went into work (which now he gets Christmas Eve off, which is a nice trade off) And I ended up alone with the baby all day. I was going to use this time to get chores done, cleaning/laundry, etc. Nope. The girl was having none of that. She just wanted to be held ALL weekend, and after a horrible night on Saturday this was just far too wearing on me.

I think I need a vacation. Badly.

Since Pictures of the Lily-Monster always cheer me up (especially in her I Love Mommy shirt) I thought I'd share one!

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