Friday, December 19, 2008

Older and wiser?

Another year has come and gone. Tomorrow actually marks a quarter century for me. Yup it's my birthday! The big 2-5. I can handle it though. So let me just take a moment to reflect on a few things.

Last year at this time, I was pregnant, still sick, but getting better. Adam and I had gone away for a couple nights. It was glorious! We were still preparing for the little Lily-Mon. I didn't have much Christmas spirit as I was still consumed with throwing up and trying to get things ready for her.

This year....We will probably be car shopping. Or truck shopping rather. Hanging out at home as we are expecting a big snow storm. And Lily is almost 7 months old already.

Next year? I am anxious to see where we will all be this time next year? Lily will be old enough to realize what snow is...MAYBE understand a little bit about what Santa is (though likely not a whole lot) But at least she'll be able to open presents. And of course at that point we may even be thinking about trying for another monster at that point.

It really is insane how much a year can change your life.

I am also reminded (as a friend just had a stillborn baby boy this week) That I should really take this time and be so thankful for what we have. I have a wonderful family, a nice place to live, and a very Happy, healthy baby girl.

My heart goes out to her and her family as I can't imagine such a loss, even harder as it's so close to the holiday season.

So I guess, Happy Birthday to me. :-) Here's to another year.


  1. Happy Birthday! You are a fabulous gal and you deserve the best birthday EVER.

  2. Happy, happy Birthday Miranda!! I truly hope you have a fabulous birthday, and a great year!