Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wait...where'd all this stuff come from?

We'll Start with some Photos. In no specific order. Enjoy!
Amber (My Sister-In-Law) With Lily-Monster!
Lily, Overwhelmed with new stuff. (Thanks Everyone!)

My parents with both their grandchildren.

All the "Kids" the 26th.

Our Family, On the 26th.

Lily, Christmas Day! Yes, that is a candy cane striped outfit!

Lily-Monster with the Daddy-Monster, Christmas Day!

Lily-mon and Me, Christmas Day!

Lily and Auntie-Sarah, Christmas Eve.

Those are not our presents, we Borrowed them for this picture, pretty cute if I don't say so myself. Christmas Eve at Adam's Aunts house.

What a week! It's been a busy week of Christmases, appointments and trying days/nights at our house.

We had a great Christmas.

Christmas Eve was at Adam's Aunts house. It was fun and hectic as usual. But it was nice to see everyone and show off how cute Lily was in her dress. We got some good pictures too, of her with family and in front of their tree, cause they had way more presents in front of their tree than we did so obviously that makes for better pictures right? Christmas Day was at Adam's parents house. That too was fun, a little hectic at first since all of Adam's Nieces and his nephew wanted to hold Lily but thankfully she LOVES other kids so that wasn't an issue for her. They gave her some great toys and some jammies and stuff. She made out pretty well there. We got the deep fryer we wanted so that was nice too (and yes, we have tested it already) The day After Christmas we went down to my brothers for Christmas. It was a good time. My parents were there and we had a good day, opened gifts! I got lots of scrap booking stuff (thank you Amber!) Which I have been working on a lot the last few days, making great progress now, I am up to month what if she is SEVEN months old now. It'll get there. Lily got a lot of cool toys and books, and some adorable outfits, that I can't share with you since I plan on using one of them for her professional photos if I ever get her in for them. Saturday and Sunday we just hung out around the house. I did go to Kohl's and pick up a photo album there that I had been admiring for a while, it was on sale AND I had a coupon! Woot!

Sunday night was a new experience for us. Lily went down to bed about the same as usual only about 11:30 she woke up and refused to go back to sleep. It was dreadful, I am sure it was well after 1:30 when I finally decided to just let her sleep with us and even then she managed to wake up screaming about every half hour or so. It was NOT fun and it has made me even MORE grateful for the good sleeper she is, I could not handle that every night. Thankfully last night was back to usual. We put her down at 8 and then about 11 or so she woke up crying to which Adam and I both had some choice words, but decided to let her just cry it out, I swear it wasn't even 5 minutes later and she was out again. We both breathed a sigh of relief and went back to sleep. Though I'm sure it was on both our minds (I know it was on mine anyway) that she was going to do it again, wake up and stay awake and make us miserable. Thankfully we didn't here another peep out of her until 6:30 this morning. So it was a good night. And today, though she is still very needy she slept in her crib for her naps which makes me happy again!

Tomorrow Lily-mon and I are going down to see my friend and her new baby Kayden! I'm excited to see them! We got a lot of snow today so I am hoping that the weather will cooperate and the roads will be good for us on our way down there. Then we are going to some friends house for New Years Eve. Thursday (New Years Day) We are heading up to my grandma's house for a few days. SO this will likely be my last post over the vacation and for 2008.

Hope everyone has a very safe and happy New Year!

Next Post, I suppose I should come up with some New Years Resolution's huh? Let me think about it.

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