Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On the Flipside.

Since Lily slept like a dream last night I feel OK about posting my top 5 things I DON'T like about having a baby. I'm only doing 5 cause honestly I think that's probably about all I can come up with.

1. I hate cutting her nails. She is so squirmy and I'm worried I'll cut her. Sure it was easy when she was littler but now that she is big she won't sit still for it anymore.

2. I hate getting up in the middle of the night. It also wouldn't be so bad if she would go back to sleep and you could put her down but she wants to be held.

3. When she is sick or in pain. It just breaks my heart, you really can only do so much for them and that makes me sad.

4. I do miss being able to do what I want WHEN I want. She always wants you to be in the room with her now so no cleaning, and she's always talking so no watching a movie without her yabbering through it. And no just going out when you want.

5. I hate it when she scratches, I'm sure this goes back to number one. I don't like cutting her nails. But dang those things are like claws and she has no idea how to be "gentle" (as I always tell her).

All things considered I'll keep her. And most of those things don't bother me often and so the positives completely outweigh the bad things.

Plus, the girl just finally got her first tooth! She's over 8 months already, I was beginning to think she would be toothless forever.

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