Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello from my bed....

Ok, Get your mind out of the gutter people. It's 7:45pm on Thursday (my Friday) and the baby is in bed. Adam is downstairs working on some invoicing for the photography business (which is completely 100% legal now by the way). So I thought I'd check up on things. I haven't been posting much on here lately except for photography stuff and so I thought I'd update on life.

What are we doing? Well I posted that we turned the cats in to the humane society. I checked this morning and it seems they have both been adopted. They can't really give me many details but I'm hoping that someone took them both so that they at least have each other. Either way I am certain that they are making someone very happy and in turn, they are being spoiled rotten. I only wish that I could have done better for them.

Next weekend I'm getting my carpets cleaned. In fact, Lily is going to my parents house for the weekend and I am going to spring clean. Mostly in preparation for her birthday party on memorial day (a whole year. *passes out*) I can't wait to have clean carpets and a clean house, even if it only lasts for 5 minutes, which I'm pretty sure will be the case.

Mom and dad have gotten a new home! They are moving! I'm thrilled for them and I imagine in the weeks to come that we will be helping out a lot with that stuff while they pack up and move! We are Beyond excited for them and they sound so happy when they talk about it!

Lily is MAJORLY teething. Nice thing is that it looks like she is going to get a bunch all at once so even though this kinda sucks right now it should all pay off. She isn't completely unbearable but definitely not her normal self. Thankfully she is sleeping ok so far. I won't say great but definitely bearable.

She is learning MORE and MORE everyday. She says several words. Yeah, Momma, dadda, spongebob (bobbob), Stop. She repeats a lot of what you say but I'm not sure she knows what she's saying yet. Though my kid IS a genius so you never know right? She'll be walking in NO time. She loves to walk along stuff and pushing stuff. She could spend ALL day outside walking around with her toy pushing it around. Going to the front of the house to see the flowers. The yellow one seems to be her favorite and I let her touch it cause it's hers and it's soft. She now puts herself to sleep every night and I really like that. I finally got over missing the cuddle time with her so that's good. I know when she gets older and she isn't on the move so much she'll cuddle more.

I'm off on Fridays now. I am pretty sure I have talking about that so I guess that's all I'll say about that. Other than I'm loving it. It's fantastic.

Alright, Adam is back from the basement so I think it's time to watch some tv and hit the hay.

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  1. That is great that your parents bought a new home! You will have to tell me more about it..

    I can't believe Lily is going to be 1 year old just doesn't seem like a whole year has gone by.. Time does fly.

    I hope you enjoy your clean carpets..I am hoping to get that chore done this summer..we need it badly!