Thursday, May 21, 2009

So in exactly 14 minutes...

I will be walking out my office door. And on my way home to run a few errands for Lily's birthday party before I head over to my IL's to pick her up. We have a CRAZY busy weekend ahead but despite that I am looking forward to the LONG (5 day) weekend. Tomorrow I hope to get some stuff packed up for the camping trip and then hang out and probably relax a bit. Saturday I am heading up to Brainerd to Paul Bunyan Land with my friend Danielle and her kiddo. Then we are going to camp out at her parents place for the night, have a fire, eat some marshmallows and relax. Sunday I have food to make and last minute cleaning to get done for the big party on Monday. Monday I have some people coming early in the day to visit and then Lily's big party is at 4:00. Should be fun, I'm getting some stuff for the kids to do and I think we are going to get some yard games for the adults too. Hopefully it doesn't rain on us *fingers crossed* Then after her party I'm sure she'll be pretty tuckered out so to bed for her. Tuesday (The girl's actual birthday) we are taking her to the MN zoo for the day. Should be a fun filled weekend. I'm sure it will fly by, just like the past year of my daughter's life. *sigh* They grow up too fast.

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  1. Yeah for 5 day weekends! They don't come around often. Sounds like you have a very busy weekend ahead but it sounds like alot of fun too! Andy and I can bring up our Ladder Ball game to play on Memorial Day! I sure hope the weather is going to be nice..according to the weather people it is! Anyway, see you on Monday evening!