Thursday, May 28, 2009

One Year Stats

Well we had our One year well visit yesterday and after our 9 month appointment which didn't include any shots at all. This one wasn't so nice. We got there about 10 to 3. (her appointment was at 3) Got back into the room right away where we got her weight. 19.6 pounds (25th percentile!) and her height 29.5 inches (75th percentile) and of course head size. Then we listened to her heart and then the nurse left and we got stuck in that little TINY room for a half hour. Nothing for lily to do so she got pretty restless in there with nothing to do so by the time the dr. came in she was pretty squirrely. I should really carry a bigger purse and learn to keep toys in there or something (but that's another story). SO the Dr. finally came in. Of course asked us questions and we reminisced about memorial day weekend last year and how she felt really bad leaving for their annual family trip when I was already overdue with her in the first place (of course I had Lily while my Dr. was up in Canada) But all things worked out ok so that wasn't a problem. Then she tells me that Lily gets 4 shots and then we should test for lead and Hemoglobin. So that means another finger prick. *sigh* Poor kiddo. So we waited another 10 minutes or so to get the shots and then she had those and then over to lab for another poke.

All in all things went well and she won't remember the shots today so that's good at least.

But she is a normal happy, healthy little one year old. Ahead on a few things, I don't think she's behind on anything which is good. SO I'll take it.

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  1. Kayden is going to pass Lily right up in the weight category! LOL! He alreay weights somewhere around 17lbs! We are apparently growing a big boy. I am hoping he slows up a bit weight wise over the summer.