Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coupon Frustrations and a Question.

Hi all.  Lately I've been doing a lot of coupon research and inspired by the TV show "Extreme Couponing" on TLC, I've been trying to find some good deals.  The hard part is this:  Here in St. Cloud we don't get as good of coupons as some other areas of the country.  Not to mention we have a pretty limited selection for stores.  There is Coborns and CashWise (which are owned by the same people and pretty much the SAME store)  and Walmart.  Sure we have a Target and they offer some groceries but not as much as a big grocery store.  We have an Aldi, but they don't accept coupons and even if they did they don't carry name brand products there (ok rarely).  Awe sweet Walgreens.  Really where you can get the best deals and where you can actually find information online regarding sales and such.  And none of the stores around here offer double coupons...except Coborns and that's just one day a week monthly promotion right now.  And they only double up to a dollar.  So if you have a 75cent coupon they will only bring it to a dollar, which, hey.  IS better than nothing but still.

So I'm feeling motivated.  Motivated enough to maybe try out some of these deal match ups.  I think I could do this and do it pretty well.  (I'm not talking extreme or anything) Just well.  Get some discounts on name brand stuff cheaper than store brand, which has always been my number one complaint.

So I want to know...Is ANYONE interested in me posting these deals?  Will ANYONE actually read and use the match ups I post?  I mean I don't really wanna be wasting my time with this (as it IS super time consuming) if no one will read it.  So either post here if you are interested OR comment on my facebook link if you are interested...And of course you can pass this on to other people too!


  1. get the cities papers. they have more & higher value coupons than the st. cloud times as they are a larger consumer base. i've been going the walgreens route for shampoo and such. as for groceries - st. cloud does suck. good luck. I've been couponing for over a year now. it's fun.

  2. To funny! I just read another blog of a family friend and she also was inspired by "extreme couponing". LOL! Andy and I used coupons this last weekend and got alot of great deals! Cub had alot of buy one, get one free in their meat department which was awesome! If you come across a good deal, post it. I always like a good deal and so does everyone else. It's nice when people share tips/tricks too!