Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby clothes are like crack for new mothers.....

So Lily needs fall clothes. Mainly cause people have been so generous to her with clothes but have been buying her solely summer things. Also as a side note....when you give a baby a gift please keep the season in mind if you are buying larger sizes. We got several beautiful little summer sun dresses for Lily. But she can't wear them cause they won't fit her until it's like January. And anyone who knows Minnesota knows that a sun dress in January is probably not the best idea. I'm pretty sure she likes her legs and wants to keep them instead of sacrificing them to the frost bite gods.

Anyway, with summer coming to an end soon, we need to get some long sleeved things for her and no doubt I will go overboard and buy her WAY more than she needs simply because they are cute and I have an addiction. A crazy overwhelming urge to shop for baby clothes. Yes it's real. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has this addiction either. Every time I have gone baby shopping with friends, they too have succumbed to this addiction. I mean really those little socks...and shoes...and the little miniture shirts that say "Daddy's princess" or whatever other totally comercial saying they can slap on those adorable little pieces of fabric, I'll buy. Probably in dupicates...JUST IN CASE. In case of what? Who knows but you surely don't want to run out of adorable baby clothes in the off chance that grandma comes to visit. We have to look our best.

*sigh* So I will go. I will spend money (again, more money than I should) All in the name of Lily looking her best.

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