Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here it is...laid out for everyone.....

What's to say? Welcome to my Blog. I'm excited to work on it. Hoping I'll be good at this but I suppose I'll never be a great writer. I strive for OK most of the time. So here goes. This is my journey. I started this blog as a way to write about my trek into motherhood. I am actually wishing I would have started this before my Daughter (Lily) was born. But alas, I didn't. Oh well. She does more now anyway and it will be easier to write now that she actually has a little personality all of her own.

First thing I really want to talk about is Breastfeeding. I chose not too. My personal preference for many, many, many reasons, all of which I don't feel I need to explain. However, it seems that everyone I know, that breastfeeds really hates it. Gets frustrated easily by this but doesn't want to quit. I don't know. Maybe it's something I will never understand cause I chose not to do it. But the idea of having Lily attached to me for what seems like hours (from what people tell me) does NOT sound like my idea of bonding. And this whole thing about giving it 6 weeks before you both (mother and baby) really get into the swing of things just seems brutal. You take a woman that has just popped out a baby, is completely exhausted and adjusting to begin with and throw in that she is the ONLY person that can feed her, just seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me. I love my baby and definitely enjoy feeding her the bottle, and I'm pretty sure I'm no less bonded to her than any mother out there that chooses to breastfeed their baby. Why does Breastfeeding equate bonding in so many peoples minds? I just don't understand it. And again, maybe because I chose not to breastfeed at all. Who knows. All I know is that it annoys me when people who do choose to BF are frustrated with it but won't just stop and give the kid a bottle. It's not going to hurt your baby or you and it will let other people "bond" with your baby while giving you a break. I'm almost positive that no baby has ever been killed by giving it a bottle.

Bah, I'm rambling. I don't mean to offend anyone. Honest. Like I said, I probably just don't understand cause I've never had that overwhelming urge to BF. But I can say this. Not once have I been frustrated when trying to feed my daughter. We lovingly gaze at each other every time she takes her bottle. And when I am too tired, Adam takes her and feeds her for me. It's a wonderful thing.

I admire people that do BF and make it work, but at the same time, I am tired of defending my choice to bottle feed because of course that means that my daughter will be fat and not nearly as healthy as a kid that is breastfed. BAER. I would love to meet the people that do those studies.


Who knew that was even bothering me as much as it was? Oh well, so it goes I guess in the life of someone who doesn't follow the norm and is exhausted from people saying I'm wrong for it.

But on a happier note. Lily let me take a nap last night. Yup you heard me, a nice hour long uninterrupted nap. *Sigh* It was wonderful, though I really can't complain much about Lily. She is an awesome baby. She sleeps for usually about 9 hours at night. I wasn't even aware that an 11 week old was able to do that. I love that little girl.

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  1. Miranda you are entitled to feed Lily however best fits you. I'm sure she will continue to grow and bond with you and your DH in the amazing way that babies do.

    I also don't have a lot of desire to BF. Good for me because DH and I are going to adopt.

    I'm going to enjoy reading your blog as Lily grows. :-) Thanks for helping feed my baby fever.