Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why did I take a 3 month old to the zoo, you ask....

Because WHO doesn't love the zoo! I know I sure do, which is probably my main motive. Ok it IS my only motive. Heck I'm lucky she remembers who I am when I get home from work let alone that that animal with the black and white stripes is called a Zebra. She does have this crazy obsession with the dog though. She just stares and follows him with her eyes. If only he found HER as interesting as she finds him. So we went to the Zoo. Took some Obligatory photos of her so that we can tell her all about it when she's older and complaining we never take her anywhere.

First we went to the Como Zoo. This one was a play date of sorts since my friend just had her little baby a couple weeks ago and TALK about adorable. He has the cutest cry I have ever heard....Anyway. We get to the Zoo and there is NOWHERE to park. So we drove around forever trying to get a place. Did I mention we drove separate? Um. Yeah. But it was fun. It was hot and so most of the animals were sleeping and/or hiding from site. But the giraffes were out and of course the zebras. So yeah.

Then there was the MN Zoo. Adam and I brought her to the MN Zoo on Monday for his birthday. They have a fancy new bear exhibit and Bears are Adam's favorite. This zoo was not nearly as packed. Of course it's bigger and it was a Monday so that probably helped a bit. We saw all the animals well which was nice! We saw the bears...Lily stared at the ceiling. We saw the tigers....Lily slept. We saw some turtles in an aquarium...this Lily paid attention to. Of course I held her so close to the tank that her nose was practically touching it, but she followed the turtle around with her eyes for a while. This must have wore her out cause she pretty much slept through the rest. She was So good and we were very proud of her!

I wonder where our next outing will be?!

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