Friday, August 15, 2008

It really is the simple things.

It really makes me wonder why we go out and spend a bunch of money on baby toys?

So I have been neglecting my poor pup. So last night I took him and Lily outside to play. While Leo enjoyed a rousing game of fetch and let's run around like we have never been outside before. I put Lily in her Bouncy seat outside in the shade. She was perfectly happy staring at her fist for a while until I found it. What is IT you ask? A Stick. Just a measly little tiny twig. I held it out for her to see and she quickly willed her hand toward the stick, opened her fist and grabbed it in one fail swoop. She happily stared and smiled at that stick for 20 minutes. I mean, sure it WAS a pretty cool stick. maybe 3" long or so, thin enough for her to grasp easily while opening and closing her fist over it several times in a row. She had it so close to her face and then I decided that it will be nice for her to be able to keep both her eyes so we thru the stick out (thankfully it was small or the dog would have fought her for it). THEN. we had to put our feet in the grass. So I took her socks off and she happily kicked around the grass for another 10 minutes or so til the dog was ready to go in the house.

So we have toys upon toys for them and she was perfectly content with a stick found in the yard. That was FREE no less. So my advice for the day? Let them feel and explore things around them...Don't worry about the toys until they get big enough to learn the difference.

On another note. We are off to the Zoo this weekend! I can't wait! Actually two zoos. In one weekend! Yay! Can't wait to write about that.

Lily with her AMAZING STICK!

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