Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm sure we're in for it when she's a teenager though.

Sometimes a friend will tell me something like how they had to drive around for 35 minutes to get their baby to sleep. And I catch myself wondering WHY? I mean I know all kids are different but is it more of the parents issues than it is the actual babies/kids. (Hey the theory rings true on Nanny 911) But then I feel bad for thinking that. Cause surely anyone that knows me and Adam knows that we are FAR from perfect and yet, in my honest opinion we have a perfect child. People tell us ALL the time how easy going she is, and how she really just goes with the flow so easily. Sure she had bumps in the road at times, but we NEVER had trouble getting her to sleep or eat, or really anything we wanted her to do. We stuck to a pretty strict schedule of things (for many reasons) and it really seemed to work for us. So then I wonder, will it be this "easy" the next go round? Will our schedule work with another baby that is NOT Lily? Will I end up eating my own words and thought? Will our next baby never sleep and be colicky and cry all the time? I have the hardest time picturing that. Seeing us with anything but a happy baby just like Lily just seems weird and out of place. And I'm sure for all of the thoughts I have about other parents who have 2 year olds that still don't sleep through the night that I'll be just tortured and forced to eat my own thoughts with our next one.

Which then makes me wonder....Do I really want another? Maybe having one is enough for us? But then another part of me knows that I do want another, and maybe even to test my theory about sleep habits and stuff like that. But at the same time I LOVE things the way they are right now and I'm not sure I can even really imagine life with Lily AND another baby.

Oh so many choices to make.


  1. That is one of the main reasons friends of ours only have one. :) They didn't think they'd get as lucky again.

  2. I want baby #2 eventually as well. I wonder the same things! Warren is AWESOME, sleeps through the night, is attached to people versus things, and loves food and will try anything I put on his plate. Even though it's just me and he's a lot of work, there is no doubt in my mind I have it EASY.

    I have this feeling though that personality and doing things from day 1 has a lot to do with it. You guys are laid back and I'd bet baby #2 would be as well.