Friday, August 28, 2009

This MUST be some kind of sick joke..

So I don't even make an effort to hide the fact that I have NO work to do anymore at my job. I come here, I play on the Internet and get paid for it. But as my husband says, I have reached the end of the Internet. I am so bored and feel like my "talents" are being wasted here. The problem? Nothing I could get for a new job would pay me as well as I get paid now. In many parts of my life I am feeling stuck and this one is no exception. Don't have funds to go back to school, even if I did not sure what the heck I would do anyway? Can't afford to quit or take a pay cut. So here I am. Trying to keep myself busy with random projects (that are quickly wrapping themselves up) Miserable. Everyone seems to think it's so great. But honestly, it's not. I am tired, burned out and ready for some challenges, which I'm most definitely not getting here.

So what do I do?

And in the meantime, anyone have any great websites to while away the boring hours here?


  1. I say I've read the entire internet all the time. LOL.

    Could you take an evening photography class or something? It wouldn't help the daily boredom, but might help with a new challenge!

  2. oh, and I don't mean to say you need a photography class - your pictures are beautiful! I just knew it was something you were interested in :)