Thursday, August 20, 2009

It was the crawfish by the way.

So Adam and I had a much needed vacation from the ordinary. Last weekend we went to Wisconsin Dells. Alone. We had a lot of fun, we left bright and early on Saturday morning (or should I say not so bright since it's still dark at 4AM) We stopped for breakfast on the way and got there about 8:30-9:00. Wandered the shops downtown and had some lunch. Did a few of the little haunted house stuff and the Ripley's museum. We then checked into the hotel and did some more wandering around before we saw the Tommy Bartlett show, which was fantastic! Then had dinner. We ate at a place called Crabby's a seafood buffet. The food was good for the most part, Adam and I both tried some new things. Raw oysters and some sushi rolls and craw fish. I really only liked 1 of the three, Can you guess which one it was?

Then we slept. Still didn't sleep in. Dang it the girl has me programed to be awake before 7 now and I can't seem to get myself to sleep later than that. But we just did breakfast in the hotel and checked the weather a lot since it was raining. Eventually we went out and had some lunch and realized it was clearing up a bit and so we went back to the hotel and got our swim gear and headed to Mt. Olympus. We had a BLAST. That wave pool is pretty awesome along with a ton of other stuff to do there. Adam got quite the sunburn but it was well worth it. Kinda cloudy on a Sunday in the beginning of the off season meant there weren't a million people there. After we left there we hit up the McDonald's (classy right?) And just hung out in the hotel room, eventually swimming at the hotel for a while before calling it a night.

Monday we woke up (of course by 7) and had breakfast in the hotel and then got packed up and headed out. We made one last stop downtown to get something for Lily and for my mom who was watching Lily for us. And then started the drive home. We got home about 3:30 or so and we were so happy to see Lily and of course she was pretty happy to see us too.

Tuesday was Adam's birthday (happy birthday honey!) so I got up and took Lillian to daycare and then stopped and got breakfast at McDonald's and brought it to him. Then we just hung out around the house for the day and I went and got Lily and we just relaxed.

All in all a great vacation but I've said it before and I'll say it again, THEY GO TOO FAST. I'm still not ready to be back at work yet.

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