Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When is she going to say Mommy anyway?

So you show my monster a picture of mommy and daddy together and all she has to say is DADDY. Humph. I get it. I know daddy is easier to say than mommy is and I know that I DO say daddy more than Adam says mommy to her. But still. It's not fair.

All in all the girl says several real words now. Daddy, Puppy, Baby, Ducky, (her own version of Fish), She says Spongebob (BobBob) and generally can get her point across with a good nod, shake of the head or by waving.

She's getting so big. She'll be 15 months tomorrow! I'm thinking some new pics are in order. I think we shall go to the gardens this week (or weekend) and get some fantastic pics of her.

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