Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A review, I don't do them often.

So I started The 30 Day Shred last Friday as it's become painfully obvious that just eating right isn't going to work for me if I want the body (and the health too I suppose) that I want. I had heard about this on the Weight Watchers message boards and people gave it great reviews. So I thought I would check it out. I read TONS of reviews on this and all of them gave it fantastic reviews, such as how easy it is to follow, meaning no complicated dance moves for those of us who are not very coordinated to try and figure out. It's short, it takes 20 minutes from start to finish. You can do it in the privacy of your own home. You don't need ANY fancy equipment other than a couple of hand weights (start off small with like 2 pound ones). Now, I really have to say I'm always skeptical with myself about starting a new workout. I get bored easily and worry that I will hate it, or it will hurt or whatever. And I fully admit after I did it that first day I was SORE. But a good kinda sore, the sore that tells you that your muscles are working hard and you are going to be stronger, leaner and meaner for the work you just did. I actually debated skipping the second night to give my muscles a break, but ultimately decided to just go with it and go a little easier where I needed too and I made it thru. It IS easy to follow, the moves are hard physically but you don't have to be coordinated really to work them the proper way. Jillian is great! She explains everything very well and encourages you without putting you down (which is something super important to my sensitive soul) and most importantly she really talks to you in a way that makes you WANT to keep on going when you think you are about to die.

Anyway I just thought I'd post my review of it since there are so many out there and coming from someone that HATES exercise this is a fantastic workout! You get a lot of bang for your 20 minutes.

I'll update with my losses once my 30 days is up, though I fully intend to keep on going beyond that! Tonight will be day 5 and I really anticipate that I'll be just as happy with it on day 55!

I should add it does have 3 levels. Level one is "easy" (if you wanna call it that" and so on. (I'm still on level one)

So go! Get it! If you've been wanting to get fit but don't have a lot of time OR money, this it the DVD for you! (and no, I'm not getting paid for my review, though it would be SUH-WEET if I did. )

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