Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Drumroll Please.........

Well, here they are!  The famous first curtains.  From this angle they look pretty good.  I made one and hung it up and then I measured and made the other one but I couldn't quit remember how long I made the first one.  So I sorta made one longer than the other:

This is what it looked like when I panned out.  I know, go ahead and laugh.  I'm OK with this mistake, it was a simple measuring mistake and I would have measured again before I made the second but I already hung it up and it was after lily was sleeping.  So of course I wasn't going to wake her up just to measure:

Here is the fabric close up!  It's super cute! I found it on clearance at just $3/yard and it goes SO well in their room which we used frogs in their room so this went perfect!

I'll post some more pictures this weekend!  I took tomorrow off work and I am hoping that I can try out my pattern for sheets!  And I'll post some pics!


  1. Cute! They turned out well! Maybe I should hire you to make a curtain for Kayden's room!

  2. I think that for a first effort you did Great! It does get easier with more practice, and if you can't practice on your kids, then who? Remember all the dresses I made for you? Especially the big poofy purple one for Christmas?

    I am so proud of you, you have found some things that make you happy and you deserve a lot of happiness in your life. Love you lots.

  3. Great Job! They look awesome! HOpe the girls love them. Awesome find at a great price.