Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who Knew

Who knew that it would be so hard to not compare my girls?  I know I sure didn't.  But from before Claire was even born I found myself doing it.  It all started with..."Wow, it's crazy how similar my pregnancies went" and went to "Holy moly I can't believe how different this labor was than my last one".  And now everyday I find myself thinking about how different they are.  I guess I don't understand how two people that came from the same parents can be SO different.  I mean, I always knew that we had it easy with Lily but I guess I didn't realize exactly HOW easy we had it.

Lily was sleeping through the night by 6 weeks.  Often going 10 hour stretches by 3 months which is where Claire is.  Claire.  HA.  I consider it a good night when I only have to get up once a night with her.  I know normal is such a big range of ability and as far as normal goes I think Claire hits it a lot more than Lily.  I actually struggle a lot with Claire, because I often feel like we are doing something wrong with her that she doesn't sleep as well.  In reality I know it's just how she is, and she just needs to eat at night.  But when you know that a 3 month old is capable of sleeping 10 hour stretches.

I just have to learn to quit the comparing game and love them each for their unique selves.

On a happier note, Miss Lily got Claire to practically giggle last night.  She was squealing and stuff.  Claire sure loves her bit sister! 

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  1. I find it really hard not to campare my three hellions to each other also! There are times I even find myself comparing them to how I was, or even my brother, as a child. I quite frequenlty have to remind myself that each child is unique.
    But is so much fun to learn their personalities. Also - baby giggles are the best - am I right?