Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A journey begins with a single step.

I went for my first Run  walk last night.  I think that sentence pretty much sums up how it went.  But I'll spell it out for you in case you didn't get it.

I left the house, it was beautiful out albeit a little wet and sloppy.  But now is not the time for excuses so I went.  I timed myself with my stopwatch on my phone.  I walked a minute or so to warm up and then I took off...with the wind in my hair I ran for a whole mile 1.5 minutes.  I felt that old familiar stabbing pain in my lungs and my side around the 45 second mark (which I am NOT proud to admit by the way)  But I pushed through it to make it to a minute and a half.  Then I walked for a few minutes then ran a bit and so on.  I tried to push myself.  I really did.  I want to be a good runner and do well.  And sure I know it was just my first run and the first step is always the hardest, But I was a little disappointed with myself and how terrible it was.  I mean proud of myself for going, but bummed out about just how out of shape I truly am.  But I made it home in 16.5 minutes.  exactly 1.09 miles. (I googled it).  So from there I can only improve right?

I plan to go again tonight!  To push myself just a little harder than last night.  I can do this.  My goal is to be able to RUN the whole mile.  Once I accomplish that then I'll start going just a little farther each time.  A manageable goal.  That's what I need!  Sorta like my food goal.  I'm happy to say that I certainly am not tracking food.  Or even limiting my quantities I guess.  But just trying to cut out as much processed junk food as I can.  Which I'm actually doing a pretty darn good job of.  So far I'm down 4.5 pounds!  And that's a great feeling!

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  1. yay! for you! way to get out and get started. you probably did better than what i could have done. good luck again tonight!