Tuesday, November 11, 2008

She's got teeth!

What? Not what you were expecting? My Mother in Law saw this pacifier and had to get it for her. And I have to admit, it IS pretty humorous. I mean she's a baby. I HOPE her real teeth won't look like that, but as my Mother in Law and I pointed out...we will love her anyway. Though we would promptly be getting them fixed.

Which brings us to my next subject.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out here soon. And shortly thereafter. BRACES. I'm not super thrilled but the end result will be worth it. I am just not happy with my smile, I've always been very self-conscience about my smile, but now it also comes down to my dental health. I do have a pretty bad overbite that I would like to have fixed. So the next couple months I will be enjoying my non-metal mouth until I get those bad boys on. But you didn't come here (does ANYONE come here?) to read about me did ya?

Back to Lily-Bob... (get it....lily-bob. Like Billy Bob....oh never mind)

We also have a regular Sunday routine of sorts, that has sorta been interrupted by Adam working it now. But We always read the newspaper together. The ads anyway. You know to see all the stuff we can't afford to buy. ANYWAY. Lily thought she would join in this past week. Her and Adam had a grand ol' time.

Note: She is looking at a TOOL ad. Like father like daughter.

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